Chicago’s Getting a 24/7 Indoor Dog Park in 2021 & They Want Your Pup’s Ideas

Chi-doggos, get ready for year-round dog weather. In 2021 (when this dang pandemic is hopefully behind us), Chicago is getting a 20,000 square-foot indoor dog park in the Irving Park area puppropriately-named Zoomies, and the pack behind the park reeaally wants your input (more on that in a sec!). But first, boy oh boy does this list of amenities have us drooling: 

  • 24/7 unlimited members-only key-card access (because you never know when Zoomies will strike!)
  • Dedicated *free* parking spots
  • Designated playspace just for smol fries
  • Self-serve beer and wine on tap (safer than mastiff crowding at a bar)
  • A coffee bar with local roasters on rotation
  • Self-wash dog bath stations
  • State-of-the-art non-toxic grass turf
  • 3 months of FREE ADMISSION for anypawdy who just got ‘dopted
  • And more! (they want your opinions…we know you have ‘em)

How much does membership cost? Howl they keep you and your pupperonis safe? Fetch the answers to all your Qs here.

Zoomies needs your help to get Chicago’s first indoor dog park off the hound, and they’re inviting all of *you Sidewalk Doggers* to be an integral part of the journey!

  1. Tell ’em your dog’s park must-haves—complete the short survey below.
  2. Help fund this Chicago indoor dog park. The first 500 humans who donate at the lifetime membership level (less than an annual membership!) will get FREE LIFETIME ACCESS and a free beer every Monday. Furever. We shih tzu not! (To learn about investment opps, hit ’em up at

Complete this short survey to stay pup-to-date on the park’s progress, an exciting membership giveaway, and all the barking news on Zoomies (because tbh just *thinking* about this place’ll be a bright spot for your pal during this pandemic):

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(Photo by Donald Teel)

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2 thoughts on “Chicago’s Getting a 24/7 Indoor Dog Park in 2021 & They Want Your Pup’s Ideas

  1. Jenna

    It absolutely should require vet records and all vaccines including both flu shots (my girl almost died from pneumonia which she got from kennel cough at daycare). Also there need to be skilled animal trainers or essentially “referees” on site since people suck at watching their own dog. Additionally there should be a dog socialization screening. If the dog seems reactive with other dogs then they shouldn’t be permitted a membership

    1. Stephanie Figy

      Hi Jenna, We’ve pupdated the article with FAQs, which includes this concern. They will be requiring written proof of vaccinations.


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