Same Dog, New Tricks: Chicago Dog Training Classes We Love

Dogs are perfect by default, of course, but there’s always room to learn a thing or two! Whether you wanna load up on some new skills or get all set to volunteer together, these classes have you covered. Check out these tricked-out Chicago dog training classes, and get your pal puppared for all the fun times ahead!

Learn How to be a City Dog

If your pup is gonna be your forever Sunday Funday buddy, she needs to learn the ropes. Learn how to be very good on patios so you guys can party every day. Wanna practice park skills? There’s a class for that too! Both come with plenty of opportunities to practice so you can be ready for fun the second the sun comes out.

Get Out on the Water

Avast ye landfluffers! It’s time to dive in and go mutts! Let pup hit the pool and learn to swim solo or in a playgroup matched to his activity level. In warmer months, he can try his paw at stand up (or should we say, stand pup?) paddleboarding, too. There are tons of ways to make a splash!

Develop Mad Skills

We’re sure your bestie is already brilliant, but we bet she’d jump at the chance to learn something new. Sniff out a good time at a nosework class or get in some valuable bonding time learning agility. Your pup can even test out her herding skills. No matter what class you choose, more tricks means more cookies, right?

Become an Even Gooder Boy or Girl

Your dog has seen you through everything and still has so much love to give. Help him learn how to lend a helping paw to friends in need by taking a therapy dog class. After he graduates, he can take a test and begin volunteering with Canine Therapy Corps and prove once and for all that dogs are basically just really furry angels. Your pup not quite ready to become a therapy dog, but you want him to become a certified good boy? A Canine Good Citizen class may be the perfect start. 

Work on Quirks

When you ask “who’s a good girl?” pup may come running, but even the best dog can have some quirks. While we love our dogs, quirks and all, everyone may be happier with a bit of training. Pup a little rude with strangers? You’ll be calling her Miss Manners after some charm school. Teach her how to turn her crate from a house to a home with a crate games class. And if she’s a little shy, work on building her confidence with a virtual cautious canine class from the comfort of your home!  

What Chicago dog training classes are you adding to your dog’s transcript? Woof at us in the comments, and tag #SidewalkDog in your dog’s academic adventures! 

Featured photo: Murilo Viviani

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