6 Opportunities for Chicago Dog Socialization

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Dogs are obviously angels, but even the brightest halos in the bunch wanna get a little rowdy with friends from time to time. While the dog park is there, maybe you want something a smidge more organized. Check out these 7 Chicago dog socialization opps that are fun alternatives to the wild west of the park. 

1. Urban Pooch Puppy Enrichment 

Got a young floofer who needs to learn the ropes? Get in some crucial socialization (and burn off some of that puppy energy) at Urban Pooch’s Puppy Enrichment. These two hour sessions are led by ex-paw-ts and feature play time, enrichment activities, and crate time (because every party pup has to learn to take breaks). 

2. Small Dogs Playgroup of Roscoe Village 

 Do you have a petite pet under 20lbs and live, work, or play near Roscoe Village? Wag over to Small Dogs Playgroup of Roscoe Village to sniff out opportunities for big fun. 

3.  Chicago Breed-based Meetups

For dogs who wanna party with their doppelgangers, there are off-leash meetup groups for a furiety of breeds, including Chihuahuas, Bostons and Frenchies, Spinonis, Dobies, English Bulldogs (and Chicago English Bulldog Rescue), and Berners. Bc it’s always twin day.

4. Doggy Paddle Open Swim

The shelter told you that you were getting a mutt, but is it possible he’s part fish? If so, take your pup to do some swimmies at Doggy Paddle, an indoor aquatic facility with pools for both chill dogs and wild dingoes, complete with an indoor dog park. 

5. Party with the Pup-ular Dogs

Bring your own crew and kick it at one of Chicago’s most drool-worthy venues. Book a private, off-leash hang at places like Stay Dog Hotel (which even has riverside views!) or one of our other fave party spots (spoiler: one has a bone-shaped pool). 

6. Sociabulls Packwalk

Just because your dog isn’t the most social of pupperflies, that doesn’t mean that she can’t still join in on the fun. Chicago Sociabulls is a dog walking group based in Chicago that allows dogs to work on their social skills in a non-judgmental environment. Pups wear different bandana colors to signify their comfort with other dogs and are organized to ensure everyone is safe and having fun! 

Where are your fave Chicago dog socialization places? Woof at us in the comments.

Featured photo: Nancy Guth

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