6 Dog-Friendly Chicago Record Stores for Musical Mutts

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Listening to music is scientifically proven to lower stress levels. Petting dogs is ALSO scientifically proven to lower stress levels. So we can think of fewer things scientifically* more relaxing than listening to a new vinyl while petting your pup. And while research says dogs prefer reggae and soft rock, you can expand your pupper’s palate with the selection at any of these 6 dog-friendly Chicago record stores.

*We’re not scientists, but just trust us on this.

1. Reckless Records

Get ready to raise the woof to a new album at Reckless Records. With locations in Wicker Park, Lakeview, and the Loop, Reckless is a Chicago music (and pet) lover’s staple. You might even fetch a nice price selling your old LPs, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, and video games—which obvi means more T-R-E-A-T money.

2. Laurie’s Planet of Sound

You’ll wanna paws a while at Laurie’s Planet of Sound. This trendy Ravenswood spot has both pupular hits and rare breeds. Follow their Facebook page to stay pup to date on New Music Fridays and sniff out a new great act. 

3. Dave’s Records

Does your fave lil’ audiophile have discerning taste? She’ll be right at home with the music snobs at Dave’s Records. The sign on the door proudly proclaims “No CDs! Never Had Em!! Never Will!!” But you won’t miss CDs when digging through the racks of records in this well-curated Clark Street shop. 

4. Bric-a-Brac 

Walking into Avondale’s Bric-a-Brac is like walking into a time machine. Peruse records, vintage movie posters, and toys from the ’80s and ’90s while your floofy fren boops snoots with Corgi-eous Dandelo, shop dog/arftist-in-residence.

5. Shuga Records

It’s heckin’ easy to lose an afternoon browsing Shuga Record’s impressive range of genres from pup to bark ‘n’ roll. This Wicker Park record shop goes mutts for furry music lovers, so you’ll both feel rrright at home. 

6. 606 Records

Be careful or you’ll spend all the cash you set aside to spoil pup at 606 Records. Not only is it dog-friendly, but this Pilsen record shop has a great range of local records in addition to bigger acts. Reward your Rover for being such a great shopping pawtner with some walkies and patio time over at nearby ALULU Brewpub.

Did we miss your fave dog-friendly Chicago record store? Bark at us in the comments and tag us @SidewalkDog when you and doggo score sweet finds!

Featured photo: Avi Naim

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