Chi-Doggo Spa Day Services

Another ruff week calls for a spaw day for your number one! These Chicago pup-pampering services are *pure bliss* and will leave your glamour girl or posh prince howlin’ with joy. 

Is your boy soooo tense lately? Help your best bud unwind with some therapeutic rubbies at Paradise 4 Paws. The in-resort massage therapist has the magic touch that can increase circulation and recovery time as well as promote overall wellbeing. You can even add personal cuddle time and a frozen KONG because he’s worth it. 

Hair Dye
Your dog is pretty much perfect in every way with very little room for improvement…except for one thing. Wouldn’t it be better if she had a rainbow tail? Or pink paws?! Or a purple ombre ponytail?! Make her fantasy color dreams a reality at Salon Dog, where she can finally get the fur tone she’s always deserved. 

Blueberry Facial 
A tough day calls for the ultimate in chill. Send your fren to City Pets Chicago where he can luxuriate in style with a blueberry facial! This very relaxing and yummy service comes with every holistic groom and is paired with a massaging bath and aromatherapy guaranteed to transport him straight to cloud K9. Um, can we sign up?

This pawsh service from Urban Pooch promises to make your doggo feel like a pupper again–and for good reason. Your dog’s reiki practitioner will gently soothe your pal into deep relaxation that supports overall wellness and healing. I mean, it’s about time she finally got a chance to relax, right?

Pawdicure Complete with Color Pawlish
Would any makeover be complete without a pawdicure? Nothing says self-care like a fresh set of tips, so get your girl a look that slays at Paradise 4 Paws or Dog Splash. Maybe if you’re good twinkle toes’ll even take a break from digging stuff up for a day or two, too.

Aloe Herb Hot Oil Treatment
The demands of his day can leave your dog’s luscious locks absolutely parched! Soothe those split ends with an aloe herb hot oil treatment from Dog Splash and wash that corgi-ous mane pawsitively *glitter.*

Mud Bath
This detoxifying treatment from Urban Pooch rejuvenates the skin, clears the pores (adios, blackheads!), and turns back the clock by, like, at least 3 dog years. We like to imagine everydoggy gets lil cucumber slices, too, because they really ought to. 

How does your best friend rerax and unwind? Woof at us in the comments and be sure to tag #sidewalkdog in all those glow-ups!

(Photo by MaggieLovesOrbit)

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