No Yard? No Problem! Check Out SniffSpot—The Airbnb For Dogs

After a heckin’ hard week, puppo deserves some off-leash time to blow off steam. Sadly that’s not always doable without a big yard, and some floofs don’t thrive in public dog parks. Enter SniffSpot—the solution to your yardless woes. Read on to find out what’s pup with a SniffSpot rental.

What Is SniffSpot?

SniffSpot offers private dog park rentals by the hour. Hosts can rent out their yards and private land to dog owners. Only the renter and their pups are allowed to enter the property during the allotted time. 

It’s basically the perfect solution fur reactive doggos who cannot safely use public dog parks. Just cuz fluffer gets a lil’ freaked out around other dogs or hoomans doesn’t mean she should miss out on all the fun!

How Does SniffSpot Work?

SniffSpot shows available rental spaces near you. The listings may include pictures of the space and details on fencing, space size, privacy, amenities, and more. Once you find one that fits your needs, pick an available time and book—easy peasy!

SniffSpot Yard Features

Howl you choose which SniffSpot rental is right for you and your pup? SniffSpot’s search function has a pup ton of filters to narrow down your results to find a space your bestie will ruv!


If you want a fenced-in space, toggle “fully fenced” on. Within fully fenced options, you can filter by fence height, so puppers with mad jumps stay safe. Filter by:

  • Any fence height
  • 3 ft. or taller
  • 4 ft. or taller
  • 5 ft. or taller
  • 6 ft. or taller


You can toggle a “larger size” option on, then filter by:

  • .25 acres or more
  • .50 acres or more
  • 1 acre or more
  • 2 acres or more
  • 5 acres or more
  • 10 acres or more


Enter the city you live in or are visiting, then filter by:

  • .5 miles or less
  • 1 mile or less
  • 5 miles or less
  • 10 miles or less
  • 20 miles or less
  • 50 miles or less


For sensitive dogs or to reduce distractions, filter by:

  • No other dogs
  • No other people
  • No other domestic animals


Last-minute planner? No problem. Some spots are available same-day. Filter by:

  • Anytime
  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • This weekend


Find a spot to satisfy doggo’s special requests when you filter by:

  • Water amenities
  • Good for hiking
  • Indoor space
  • Beach space
  • Dog agility equipment
  • Field space
  • Small dog friendly

Quick Filters

You can also search for:

  • Top spots (spots with a “top spot” badge)
  • New spots (spots that have been published recently)
  • Cleaner spots (spots with higher cleaning ratings)

How Much Does SniffSpot Cost?

Pricing varies depending on size, demand, amenities, and more, but generally, a SniffSpot rental typically costs $5 to $15 per dog per hour. 

Have you used SniffSpot to give pupper some much-needed fetchin’ and explorin’ time? Woof at us in the comments about your experience and tag us @SidewalkDog on Insta so we can watch your pups havin’ a blast!

Featured photo: Tricia Winwood

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