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It’s OK to Get a Puppy. (There. We Said It.)


WARNING: The following post contains some really, really cute pictures. Do not scroll down if you feel you can’t handle it. Thinking of adopting a puppy? In case there’s any doubt in your mind, here are nine cuddly, mischievous, and zoomie-filled reasons you should start stocking up on kibble now: 1. There’s a good chance you’ll get to […]

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Win the Cool Things We Saw at the Global Pet Expo


We are serious journalists here at Sidewalk Dog, test-driving the latest dog toys and treats with our pups, frequenting local dog parks, finding the funniest dog memes on the Internets, and other heckin’ important stuff. And so we left the frozen tundra of Minnesota for sunny Florida to sniff out Global Pet Expo—the world’s largest […]

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