You Can Still Get Beer From These Dog-Friendly Chicago Breweries During the Pandemic


Finally, a beer crawl that doesn’t require you to dress like an elf, wear a onesie, or put on real pants. Grab some cold ones from our favorite dog-friendly Chicago breweries and puppare to Drink Around the ‘Partment while supporting the establishments that’ve always had your fren’s back. We recommend ordering from the brewery directly […]

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11 Dog-Friendly Chicagoland Breweries


Photo: @tightheadbrew Chicagoland’s thriving craft beer scene proves there’s plenty of fun to be had with your dog outside the city. In addition to cutting-edge craft brews, these spots are all dog-friendly inside with one exception—Lake Bluff Brewing Company. What’s better, they all boast both ample parking as well as close proximity to hiking trails, and […]

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