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Dog-Friendly Giveaways


These dog-friendly giveaways are even tastier than a fresh tennis ball! Scroll through and enter to win our latest gibs, all on one page. Sniff this page regularly–we’ll be adding new giveaways regularly. First up: Enter by April 8 to win a KONG goodie basket worth $100! Loading…

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You Can Still Get Beer From These Dog-Friendly Chicago Breweries During the Pandemic


Finally, a beer crawl that doesn’t require you to dress like an elf, wear a onesie, or put on real pants. Grab some cold ones from our favorite dog-friendly Chicago breweries and puppare to Drink Around the ‘Partment while supporting the establishments that’ve always had your fren’s back. We recommend ordering from the brewery directly […]

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These Dog Delivery Services Bring Food, Treats, Toys, and More to Your Door


Editor’s note: Slobbery kisses to NutriSource Pet Foods for making this article possible. Delivery services with an asterisk (*) will deliver NutriSource. Keep scrolling to learn what makes ’em great. Your pup doesn’t entirely understand what social distancing means, but so far it means you’re home a lot more. Unfortunately, Coco’s munchies don’t end during a quarantine, […]

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