Chicago Lists

Indoor Chicago Dog Walks


Be it due to rain, heat, sleet, or an impending polar vortex (or in true Chicago form, all four in one day), sometimes an outdoor walko just ain’t it. Check out these indoor spots when the weather is doin’ a scare. For Crafty Canines:  You’re a dog parent, so we’re pretty sure you’re gonna need […]

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Chi-Doggo Spa Day Services


Another ruff week calls for a spaw day for your number one! These Chicago pup-pampering services are *pure bliss* and will leave your glamour girl or posh prince howlin’ with joy.  MassageIs your boy soooo tense lately? Help your best bud unwind with some therapeutic rubbies at Paradise 4 Paws. The in-resort massage therapist has […]

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