Canine Enrichment: Snuffle Mats, Sniff Walks, & More

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We know that by the time Friday hits, sometimes all you want to do is cuddle under a blanket with pup and binge your favorite series like a professional couch pup-tato. While your bestie definitely won’t turn down a cuddle session, they want something a little more enriching, too. Try some of these ideas to add a little zest to your dog’s weekend.

Mental Enrichment for Dogs


We know kibble isn’t exactly a 3-Michelin Star meal but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Try a snuffle mat to give your pup a challenge at meal times. A snuffle mat is an easy introduction to canine enrichmentall you do is put your dog’s kibble and favorite treats onto the mat and let their sniffer do the work. By making them search for their food, they’re engaging with their natural foraging skills. Bonus: It slows your dog’s eating down, which improves digestion.

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do at home, make your own DIY snuffle mat! All you need is a plastic sink mat, some fleece, and a series to binge on Netflix as you cut and tie your fleece to the mat.

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Physical Enrichment for Dogs

A woman in leggings takes her dog for a walk. Letting your dog sniff to their heart's galore is a great way to get canine enrichment in your regular routine.
Photo by Tatiana Rodriguez

One of the best things you can do for your doggo is to take them on a sniff walk. For pups, getting to smell is like reading a good book or listening to the newest podcast. Let your dog’s nose be your guide as they learn what’s going on in the neighborhood. They can’t wait to bring this hot goss back to their pawsse at the dog park.

Besides the sniff walk, try some of these fun ideas to spice up your walks!

Foodie Enrichment for Dogs

An apple a day keeps the boredom away! If it’s apple picking season, leash up for a field trip to pick their own enrichment. Not the right season? Grocery store fruits will do as well! Core an apple, seal the bottom with peanut butter, fill it with your doggo’s favorite treats and kibble, and then seal the top. You can give it to them right away or freeze it to make it last longer. Make sure that there are no apple seeds since those can be a big no-no for their tummies!

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