Dog Enrichment: Bubbles, Dig Boxes, & More

Your pups are needy—they want their foods, treats, walks, and belly rubs. But did you remember to give them their daily dose of mental stimulation? If not, you’re in luck, because we’re back with three canine enrichment ideas to get those doggie minds working (and maybe that’ll help them brainstorm ways to be extra cute for you later). 

Mental Enrichment for Dogs

dog with bubbles

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Bubbles aren’t just for kiddos, carwashes, and weddings. Your dog is in for a sensory explosion when you introduce them to bubbles; they’re interactive, fun to look at, and come in fun scents like peanut butter or bacon. They’re the trifecta for your pupper, and not to mention probably a jackpot for making super-cute content for all of their loyal Instagram followers.

Physical Enrichment for Dogs

Your pawthlete may have been ahead of the curve if they already dug up your entire quarantine garden. For the parents with doggos who love to dig, try making them a designated dig box! Get a kiddie pool or a sand box, fill it up with sand, and let them tap into their natural canine instinct to dig. Bury some of their favorite toys or chews, and switch it up to keep the dig box interesting and interactive with new finds every day.

For our city readers, we get it. A sandbox in your shoebox apartment probably doesn’t work; there’s no need to make a permanent dig box or use sand! You can make alternatives out of things already in your home, like a cardboard box and brown packaging paper, and let them unbury their treats and toys.

Foodie Enrichment for Dogs

Remember when you stocked up on all that toilet paper all those months ago? Aah, memories. We hope you kept some toilet paper rolls because they’re a great way to DIY a puzzle toy for your pup. All you need are the rolls, some kibble, and treats. Fold the edges of one side of the roll down to create a bottom, fill it up with food, and then fold the top edges down. Your dog will have a howl of a good time figuring out how to get into their munchies, and then have extra fun getting to appropriately destroy the tube!

What are your pup’s favorite activities to kick pandemic boredom in the butt? Let us know in the comments!

(Photo by Janusz Maniak)

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