Dog Enrichment: Hide & Seek, Home Agility, & More

The ground-dog has seen his shadow, and apparently, you’ve got some more time to hang out inside your home. While you and your pup have probably gone on plenty of socially-distanced walks around your neighborhood, keeping your dog mentally stimulated is important too! Since Fido’s primary work-from-home job is to nap and look cute, give his brain a job with some canine enrichment activities. Try these ideas to take care of your pup no matter what type of doggo they are.

Mental Enrichment for Dogs

Think back on your days as a human-puppy and start a game of hide and seek! Ask your dog to stay and then run and hide before calling them to find you. This is a great chance for you to work on your dog’s stay and recall, and probably get in a little bit of cardio for yourself! Don’t forget to give your dog a million treat-os when they find you. 

Photo by Lena Balk

Physical Enrichment for Dogs

Put those zoomies to good use and channel that energy into an at-home agility course. You can find plenty of agility online, but there are even more things in your home that you can use to make your own! Use a pool noodle or hula hoop to make a jumping obstacle or a cardboard box as a tunnel; all your dog knows is that he’s getting a workout in and losing that quarantine gut.

Homemade Dog Treat

Your dog will get a lick out of a doggie ice treat. Make your dog work fur their food on a hot day by making a delicious, light broth (3 parts water/1 part broth) and mixing in some toys and dog-friendly, seasonal fruits like blueberries. Freeze the treat and see how fast it takes your dog to eat it all! Pro tip: Avoid additional personal misery and keep your pal’s ice treat on a surface that’s easy to clean. 

What are your pup’s favorite activities to kick pandemic boredom in the butt? Let us know in the comments!

(Photo by Nathalie Spehner)

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