Help Chicago Shelter Dogs Play Hooky

Chicago Animal Care and Control just rolled out a program that’s gonna make a whole lot of good boys and girls real happy. 

…And the dogs’ll love it, too. 

Starting nnnow, Doggie Day Out fosters can bust a pup out for a day (shelter life is stressful, y’all!) so they can chill, bond with folks outside of the shelter, and ideally, find forever homes.

But if you wanna hang with one of these perfect angels, you’re gonna have to follow the rules. The ‘doptables must be kept on leash and away from other dogs and pets and handled only by the approved foster (like you’re gonna share anyway?). So no dog beaches or parks. Lots of couches and reality TV. And snacks, obviously.

13/10 puppaccino (Photo by Lindsay Wade)

CACC certified good boy Poe recommends that all Doggie Day Out trips begin with Starbucks puppuccinos, include many toys and treats, and end with well-deserved snuggles. And like, look at him. You can trust this guy. He’s an expert.

Poe could get used to this (Photo by Lindsay Wade)

Email at least 24 hours in advance of your date. The pups can go out any day of the week for 5 hours at a time, but you gotta get ‘em back by 4 p.m. or they’ll turn into pugkins.

Chicago Animal Care and Control is located at 2741 S. Western Avenue and is chock full of great dogs who can’t wait to roll their eyes at you while you sing to them in the car. So go grab one and paint the town, will ya? 

(Photo by Lindsay Wade)

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