Buy 1, Give 1: Everypup Deserves a Tall Tails Blanket

Snuggle season is in full force, and what better way to keep your pup toasty cozy than with her very own Tall Tails blanket? Everypup deserves to snuggle in supreme softness, so we’re partnering with Tall Tails to help spread the word that for every blanket you purchase, one will be donated to a shelter, foster, or veteran’s service dog in need. Read on to learn about the beneficiaries, why ALL dogs need blankets (besides for heckin’ cute pics), and where you can shop for a Tall Tails blanket for your lucky pup.

Where to Purchase Your Tall Tails Blanket

In its mission to give back, Tall Tails is partnering with Independent Pet Partners (IPP) for their annual BOGO (Buy One, Give One) Blanket program to provide comfort to dogs within animal shelters and foster homes across the country. You can take advantage of the Buy One, Give One program by purchasing a Tall Tails blanket at your local IPP pet wellness store. Visit one of these retailers to participate:

Rescue Partners Who Will Benefit

For each blanket purchased now through the end of the year, Tall Tails will donate a blanket to one of these beneficiaries:

  • Ruff Start Rescue – MN
  • Secondhand Hounds – MN
  • L.O.L.A’s Rescue – CO
  • Denver County Canine – CO
  • Humane Rescue Alliance – DC
  • Animal Rescue League of Boston – MA
  • Anti-Cruelty Society – IL
  • Chicago Canine Rescue – IL
  • SpoofDawg To The Rescue – CA
  • Friends for Life Animal Shelter – TX
  • Austin Bulldog Rescue – TX

*New this year: Tall Tails is running a special two-week bonus opportunity to provide donated blankets to dogs of veterans. Purchase a blanket for your pup between October 28–November 11 to have a blanket donated to Pets for Vets®, an organization that pairs our nation’s military Veterans with rescued animals, creating new beginnings for both of them together.

Why Dogs Need Blankets

Many Sidewalk Dog pups are down for anything—road trips, park days, patios—but even the most confident canine craves comfort. Life is unpredictable, and a dog’s blanket provides a great deal of security both in and out of the home. 

Natural Nesting: Dogs find comfort in places they associate with the coziness of a den. They can paw, nuzzle, and rearrange a blanket to create a comfortable nest.

Portable Comfort: Traveling and unfamiliar places can be stressful for dogs. A favorite blanket with familiar scents of their home and humans provides a calming sense of security to pups on the go.

Easy Care: Blankets are the perfect accessory, and easier to wash than dog beds. No need to stress when morning pup cups get a little out of control. Blankets also protect furniture from accidents, scratches, and pet hair. Shed-wash-repeat! 

For the shelter and foster pups, a soft blanket is crucial to providing warmth and safety while they wait for new families.

In the last 3 years, Tall Tails has donated thousands of blankets to shelter pets in need. Be a part of this continued effort by shopping for your sidekick, granddog, or anypuppy in your life. Tall Tails will handle the rest.

Featured photo: Danielle Cole

Tall Tails has made it their mission to create beds, blankets, and throws that are the epitome of comfort. They’ve been helpin’ babies and pets stay comfortable and safe since 1933.

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