Staring Lake Park

Staring Lake Park

Located adjacent to the Staring Lake Archery Range, this six acres of fenced area offers spacious woods, an open area, and natural walking paths. This park closes after the first significant snowfall of the year, to utilize the area as a Nordic ski trail area. License required.


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2 thoughts on “Staring Lake Park

  1. Karen

    LOVE this place! Lots of trails, woods and open spaces to explore, along with picnic tables for owners to watch the pups play. Only downside is the park’s closed in the winter to make room for cross-country skiing (which gives you an idea of what you can expect).

  2. Katie

    We LOVE this dog park! It’ s a hidden gem and perfect if you AND you pups want to get a little workout. This park has a gorgeous trail that winds you through trees, up and down hills. One big loop at this park is over a mile long! Make sure you wear comfy shoes if you are going to walk the path. This park might not be the best if your doggo likes to run far in front of you… I have heard a lot of owners name calling looking for their pups. If you don’t want to walk the path, your dog can run in the open clearing right as you enter the park!


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