Rice Creek North Trail Corridor Off-Leash Area

Rice Creek North Trail Corridor Off-Leash Area

With fencing surrounding its nearly 13 acres, this park also has a fenced swimming pond. There’s lots of room for dogs to run and play in an open field, and a walking path adds to the appeal for pups and their people. Two bag receptacles allow you to take a bag if you need one (or bring extras from home to share). Parking is available and no permit is required.


Inaccurate info? For dog's sake, speak!

3 thoughts on “Rice Creek North Trail Corridor Off-Leash Area

  1. Josette Repke

    Very nice large grassy field , with lots of hills and running area. A sandy path along the perimeter, as well as some paths through the grass. Shade is limited, along the side. Shallow Pinds for the dogs to play in! Water is provide by the parking lot. We just visited it this spring and we’re very impressed! Free!

  2. Kristine

    LOVE this park. Spacious, yet your dog is always visible. I like how open it is. The pond is fenced in so you get to decide when your dog gets wet! Picnic tables, and poop bags available. AWESOME OFF LEASH PARK!

  3. Jennifer K

    Not so fast for the swimming — there is a fenced in pond, but it is not always open. It was closed earlier this summer. However, there was a pond-like depression near the fenced pond that was very MUDDY (and pretty stinky). I imagine it fills with water and retains some amount of mud most of the time. I also wouldn’t say that your dog is always visible, but most of the space is wide open. It is a nice place for running and fetching.


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