Minnehaha Off-Leash Park

This is it: doggy nirvana. If you haven’t been to what the locals call the “River Dog Park,” what are you waiting for? Adjacent to Minnehaha Falls (and Sea Salt!), this park offers broad expanses for dogs to run, woodsy trails, a sandy beach along the Mississippi River, and varied landscape. Permit and license required.


Inaccurate info? For dog's sake, speak!

2 thoughts on “Minnehaha Off-Leash Park

  1. Amber Weise

    This is such a great dog park! I brought my pit bull here and she loved it. Tons of space to run around, access to the water and usually many dogs to play with.

  2. Hannah

    This dog park is HUGE, more like a nature hike than a park. It’s beautiful and lovely to walk through. The only downside is that if your dog doesn’t respond to you in very distracting environments then you’ll probably lose them.


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