LTD Brewing Co.

LTD Brewing Co.

Does your doggo drink well with others? This spot welcomes pups on the patio.

Dog-friendly deets: other cool pups to sniff out and water bowls to keep the pups hydrated

Hooman features: a fun ambiance, wide selection of house-crafted brews (with the option of root beer) and board games for everyone to enjoy


Inaccurate info? For dog's sake, speak!

3 thoughts on “LTD Brewing Co.

  1. simplyMe

    Wonderful, large patio. Fantastic craft beers, and many excellent restaurants nearby (you can bring food from local restaurants to the taproom. We and our dog love it here!

  2. Valor

    Puppy loves the dog patio! She even was brought her own water bowl on a hot day. Inside is dog friendly to grab a drink but the employees asked us to not post up inside with puppy.

  3. Clint Millner

    Decent patio for puppers. my dog callie was happy as a clam just hanging out on the sidewalk. i did ask if they had a dog bed she could use because the cement was hard and they said ‘im sorry, we dont have one’ hence the 4 star review instead of 5. One time when i was walking my dog in hopkins she had to poop, and i was out of baggies. so i had to scoop it up in a newspaper and kind of fold it up and put it in my pocket. ugh. went home and changed pants and went right to LTD for a ‘cold one’ sunny patio, clam dog, yummy in my tummy IPA, this is truly Living The Dream, if you know what i mean. protip: dont put dog poop in dirty old wet newspaper you found on the ground in your pocket. YUK


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