Lauderdale Dog Park

Lauderdale Dog Park

This is a small fenced-in dog park located in the NE corner of Community Park. Great neighborhood involvement — check out the Friends of Lauderdale Dog Park group on Facebook!


Inaccurate info? For dog's sake, speak!

2 thoughts on “Lauderdale Dog Park

    1. Jac

      Unfortunately we had a bad experience at the Lauderdale dog park. About a dozen big dogs ganged up on my very friendly and sweet 1.5y/o cavalier king charles and the owners did nothing to stop even when it was apparent she was not only terrified but being cornered and bullied. One dog even tried to pin her down. I had to push them away to pull her out of the massive big dog huddle surrounding her. We were there all of 5 minutes. Did not get one apology. Would not recommend this dog park for small dogs unless they like to play rough.

      To the City of Lauderdale: It would be nice since we do live so close if there was designated times for small dogs too in this park. But as of now we avoid Lauderdale dog park like the plague.


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