Joyride Brewing Company

Joyride Brewing Company

Does your doggo drink well with others? This spot welcomes pups on the street-side patio.

Dog-friendly deetstreats, branded leashes, collars, water bowls, and chew toys for sale.

Hooman features: scenic views, yummy food trucks, and a variety of delicious brews


Inaccurate info? For dog's sake, speak!

4 thoughts on “Joyride Brewing Company

    1. Stephanie Figy

      Hi Becka,
      For the first stage of their reopening plan, pups aren’t allowed. They hope to get them back in the taproom in the next stage. Thanks for woofin’ out!

  1. EW

    Update as of 11/10/22- dogs are NOT allowed inside. They won’t even let you sit at the edge bar with your pup on a leash outside if their patio is full.


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