Fulton Brewery

Fulton Brewery

Does your doggo drink well with others? This spot welcomes pups on the patio.

Dog-friendly deets: plenty of pats from pup-loving staff

Hooman features: known for their Chicago-style hotdogs, cool ambiance, down-to-earth peeps and great beer selection


Inaccurate info? For dog's sake, speak!

2 thoughts on “Fulton Brewery

  1. Rita

    Great patio for dogs! Food is provided, and of course lots of pets from other patrons and workers. One of the staff ladies came out and gave out treats to the dogs. Roomier patio too, compared to some of the others.

  2. Good beer, no doggers inside

    They have a permanent outdoor food truck and a pretty good beer selection. I cannot figure out why Bella – dog can’t sit inside in winter because they don’t have a kitchen, just an outdoor food truck. I think I’ll give them a five if they were dog friendly inside.


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