Bourbon Butcher

Bourbon Butcher

Wanna dine with your dachshund? Doggos are welcome on this patio.

Dog-friendly deets: fresh water bowls to keep pups hydrated

Hooman features: known for their unique and tasty menu options, a great deal of Bourbon (hence the name), and a fun atmosphere for everyone


Inaccurate info? For dog's sake, speak!

One thought on “Bourbon Butcher

  1. Melissa Driggers

    Beware – The Bourbon Butcher Facebook page announced their patio was opening this weekend. I asked if they allow dogs. I was told “dogs are strongly encouraged on our patio”. We went down there and arrived at 2. I was told the patio didn’t open until 4 so no dogs allowed until 4. I was willing to wait. I called at 3 just to verify the patio opened at 4 and allowed dogs and was told yes. I arrived at 4 and was told that I could be seated on the patio, but dogs were not allowed. After verifying three times and waiting 2 hours to be able to dine with my dog I found this completely unacceptable.


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