Bloomington Off-Leash Recreation Area

Bloomington Off-Leash Recreation Area

Bloomington’s oasis of doggy delights offers hills, ponds, woods and open areas to run. It’s fully fenced. This park also asks visitors to bring no more than two dogs per person, please. Parking available. No permit required. Dogs must be licensed in the city in which you live, maximum two dogs per handler and clean up after your doggo.

Inaccurate info? For dog's sake, speak!

4 thoughts on “Bloomington Off-Leash Recreation Area

  1. Jay

    Great park! Lots of space for walking for the humans and running/playing for the pooches. Although the water area isn’t fenced off you can easily avoid going to that area of the park. They have a great watering station with fountains for people and dogs as well as bowls for the dogs like mine who don’t do running water and a hose to wash down your dog if needed. Its also a nice park to just sit and relax in,

  2. Jess

    We loved this park! A great path all the way around, but also plenty of green space in the middle for pups to chase their toys and new friends. The pond area is nice for pups that need to cool down, and the water station is right near the front for convenience. We will absolutely be coming back!

  3. Shannon

    We love our neighborhood dp! This park has both walking paths and paths through the woods for the pups. The large pond is easily avoidable and there is also a large separate area for small dogs or dogs that are not as socialable. There are also lights for bringing your dog after dark which makes this a great park for the winter! The water is shut off so bring your own water, there are plenty of bowls available.

  4. JR

    Can you update the requirements?

    Yes, it’s no permit required, BUT it IS dog licensed in the city you live required. (Which requires vaccinations)

    I’ve encountered a lot of irresponsible dog owners recently – the kind who don’t bother with licensing and vaccinations and permits.

    Making folks think it’s a free for all isn’t good stewardship for responsible dog owners.

    “Bloomington off-leash site rules

    Dogs must be licensed in the city in which you live.
    Dogs must be under voice control at all times.
    Dog handlers must closely supervise their dogs and be within view.
    Dog handlers must have leashes in hand at all times.
    Clean up after your dog.
    Children must be supervised.
    Maximum two dogs per handler.
    Leash dogs while entering and exiting the area. “


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