Battle Creek Regional Park Dog Park

Battle Creek Regional Park Dog Park

Open during the same hours as the regional park, the dog park at Battle Creek is a delightful way to spend an afternoon walking, romping, and enjoying Minnesota with your best four-legged buddy. The park is dotted with a few ponds, and has varied terrain that includes trees, trails and idyllic grassy areas. Other features include a fence, swimming pond, trees/wooded areas, and walking trails. Parking available. No permit required.

One thought on “Battle Creek Regional Park Dog Park

  1. Ruby Fourpaws

    This is truly the 2nd best dog park I have ever been to and I am lucky it is the closest one to my home. It is large (one of my humans can walk well- the other one can’t do the distance), has water for playing in (2 ok size ponds, one small one and another tiny one below a steep incline), lots of woods for running & trouncing around in, walking/running paths & two large running areas. Not super accessible to humans or dogs in wheels or needing flatter ground. Your human will be able to get a work out here as well as you, win win is this place!!!


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