Bald Man Brewing

Bald Man Brewing

Does your doggo drink well with others? This spot welcomes pups on the patio.

Dog-friendly deets: water dishes, patio area for hangout and yummy snacks

Hooman features: bingo nights, fun events and a wide selection of crafted beers


Inaccurate info? For dog's sake, speak!

2 thoughts on “Bald Man Brewing

  1. Andrea

    Dogs do have to remain on the patio, but the staff is fine with you and your pooch walking through the taproom. Great brews!

  2. Jax

    Dogs are welcome on the patio, which is now shaded in certain areas! You can walk through the taproom with your dog to get to the patio. It\’s usually a very friendly crowd here, and our dog always seems to make a new friend.


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