Arlington/Arkwright Off-Leash Dog Area

Arlington/Arkwright Off-Leash Dog Area

Take your dog to romp and run at this popular St. Paul off-leash area. The ground is covered in wood chips, making it extra easy to clean up after your pooch (bring your own bags, please). It’s not unusual to find balls or other communal toys here. Play fetch with Fido in the open “commons” area, or just stroll and enjoy the scenery – trees and rolling terrain offer variety for people and pups. Be sure to bring a jug of water along for four-legged friends to share. Other features include fencing, trees/wooded areas, benches, and picnic tables. Parking available. No permit needed, but dogs must be licensed and vaccinated.


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  1. Jennifer Koper

    Arlington-Arkwright has lots to explore, lots of trees
    and different terrain. Be aware that the west side fence is only about 4 feet high, and can be effectively lower in some places due to the terrain and/or snow. Be prepared to climb stairs or a hill if you want to make full use of the park — there is a ridge in the middle. There are entrances on the north side by the tennis courts and the southwest, both of which are in lower areas. Can be muddy, particularly on the south and southeast sides.


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