7 Best Bronco Products for Denver Doggos

This year has had a whole lotta’ what the pup (WTP) energy! So, yeah, even though our fave Broncos are having a ruff year, we welcome this year’s football season with open paws. Whether your dog is classy, bougie, sassy, moody, hip, or playful, we found the perfect stuffs for them to strut. Check out our fave Broncos gear for dogs.

Broncos Dog T-Shirt 


Life’s hard for a hipster dog who loves sports and wants to stan their team, but sniffs their nose up at the thought of wearing a jersey! I mean, jerseys are like, sooo mainstream! What’s a trendsetter to do? Rock this hip pajama-patterned Broncos cotton t-shirt, obviously. 

Get it on Amazon for $19.99

Broncos Dog Bandana 


Is there anything more classy or iconic than a doggie reppin’ her personality (and team!) with a bandana? We think not. This reversible bandana is an awesome accessory for the dog who prefers to be au natural (ahem!) while still showing she’s mutts for her team. 

Get it from Petco for $6.68

Broncos Dog Toy Two-Pack 


Our hoomans love football, so people-pleasing dogs pretend to love watchin’ sports ball, too. But let’s be real, they get bored and jealous. All those strangers on the TV gettin’ all the attention? Paw-leeze. Make it up to ‘em (and celebrate each score!) by getting this Broncos dog toy two-pack. It’s a win-win. 

Get it on Amazon for $23.88

Denver Broncos Customizable Dog Tag


Bougie boys and girls will feel pampered and extra special when you get ‘em this shiny steel dog tag customized with their name. The superfans can pair it with other Broncos swag, while minimalists can make their shiny natural coats pop with color. Bonus: it’s officially licensed from the NFL and there’s free shipping for Prime members. 

Get it on Amazon for $19.99

Broncos Premium Pet Jersey


Yeah, yeah. We know some pooches call us basic for being die-hard Broncos fans and sporting the jersey every game day. Psshh, what posers! They prolly don’t even know the rules of football. Are they even *true* fans? The real winners and die-hards like us sport our timeless jerseys. And this one’s even licensed by the NFL. 

Get it from Petco for $29.99.

Broncos Dog Leash 


Pups dig watchin’ football as much as the next woof and will sit and wag right along with their humans. But they draw a line at those shirts and bandanas the people want ‘em to wear—they’re scratchy and hot and just plain extra. At halftime, take your bud for as nacc and walkie on this Broncos leash instead. 

Get it on Amazon for $11.99.

Broncos Dog Gift Box


For the ultimate fan and their dog, you must get ALL THE THINGS Broncos! This gift box has got it all—dog toys, a jersey, cookie treats, a training bell, and even a car seat belt restraint for cruising around in style. It’s a perfect gift for the holidays or also just ‘cuz you wanna show some extra love. 

Get it on Amazon for $47.66-$90.65

How does your pooch get hyped for the big game? Wag at us in the comments and be sure to tag #SidewalkDog in pics with your fren rocking her Broncos gear for dogs! 

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