Brewery Features Rescue Dogs on its Beer Cans to Help Them Find Homes

Judging by the growing number of dog-friendly taprooms (and pure logic), good dogs and good beer just go together. Who wouldn’t wanna sip a few alongside their best bud? And in Fargo, N.D., Fargo Brewing Company is bringing ’em together like never before. The brewery partnered with Fargo nonprofit 4 Luv of Dog Rescue to feature six rescue dogs on a limited run of its Original Lager beer cans to help them find forever homes.

Five of the featured dogs (Hobie, Bizzy, Nyx, Virgina, and Jensen) are what rescue volunteer Jerad Ryan calls “oneder dogs”–pups who need to be the only furkid in their adoptive home. The lone recipient of your love. Your number one snuggle bud. Your fuzzy North Star, if you will. The sixth featured pooch, Moby, has special medical needs. In other words, he’s *extra wonderful.*

Jensen has already been adopted by his foster family. When the others find their forever homes, their families will receive a beer can featuring their new pup. Unconditional love AND a nice buzz? Does it really get any better than that?

“The end game is to find all these dogs a permanent home of their own,” says Jill Nona, rescue fundraising coordinator. “This will not only make those dogs extremely happy, but also free up committed foster homes to help save more dogs in need.” Cause there are a whole bunch more pups who need a place to crash.

Bizzie sniffin’ out his cans. (Photo by Jerad Ryan)

Up next in this brewtiful partnership: a limited run of cans featuring dogs in need of foster homes. “Getting one of the oneder dogs adopted essentially opens up a foster home, so we thought about trying another angle while the light is still on us,” Ryan says. The new cans should be available in the taproom starting next week. Cheers, little buddies!

Know another brewery doing great things for rescue woofers? Bark at us in the comments!

(Top photo by @fargobrewing)

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