Breed Specific Chicago Dog Rescues

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So we know that all dogs are perfect (it’s actually been scientifically proven that Ed Sheeran’s popular wedding song “Perfect” was written about dogs). While we wouldn’t recommend that as an answer if it ever came up at bar trivia, we do recommend checking out these breed specific Chicago dog rescues if some breeds are just a little more perfect for you.  

All Herding Dogs Rescue of IL

We herd you’re looking for a dog that loves to gather, herd, and protect livestock (okay, maybe not the last one in Chicago) and All Herding Dog Rescue of IL is the spot for that. With a focus on herding breeds like German Shepherds, Australian Cattle Dogs, Border Collies, and more, this volunteer-based rescue will find the perfect dog for your flock.

Chicago English Bulldog Rescue

Adopting a Bulldog is probably the only time you’ll be saying yes to more wrinkles. Chicago English Bulldog Rescue thinks the more rolls, the better. Don’t be deceived by the name—this nonprofit serves the larger Midwest area.

Chicagoland Eskie Rescue

If Eskimo kisses are your PDA of choice, the Chicagoland Eskie Rescue can help you find your new best friend. This foster-based nonprofit finds loving home for dogs that are owner surrenders, pulled from other shelters, or rescued from puppy mill auctions and closures. 

Chicago French Bulldog Rescue

Want wrinkles except with a little more, “oui oui baguette” energy? Then Chicago French Bulldog Rescue is the place to look. Le swoon.  

Note: They’re currently putting meet and greets and adoptions on hold due to the pandemic. Make sure to check back in when it’s safe.

Chicagoland Lab Rescue

The motto for Chicagoland Lab Rescue is “Our rescue is a family,” and their mission is to complete yours. We think what you’re missing is a slobber maker, treat vacuum, and ball retriever—all in one dog.

Chitown Pitties

Do you love big mutts and you cannot lie? While you can find pibbles in many Chicago dog rescues, Chitown Pitties‘ll hook you up with a special bully that catches your eye. They pull dogs from high kill shelters and are dedicated to getting to know the pups as much as possible; that way, they’ll be able to find these buddies the perfect homes for them.

Illinois Doberman Rescue

Dobermans may be portrayed as working dogs in the media, but all these dogs want to do is work their way into your homes and hearts. Illinois Doberman Rescue and Plus is based in northern Illinois and pulls their animals from animal control organizations, humane societies, and owner give-up situations in Illinois and surrounding states.

Illinois Shorthair Rescue

Dedicated to the German Shorthaired Pointer, the Illinois Shorthair Rescue helps find homes for over 60 GSPs each year. They are a foster-based rescue that is managed by a group of dedicated volunteers out of their own homes.

Love Hope Believe Galgo Adoption

You may not have heard of the Galgo before, but we know you’re about to Galgo adopt one as soon as you learn more. A traditional hunting dog from Spain, these sighthounds are known to be docile and quiet. Love Hope Believe Galgo Adoption is a Chicagoland rescue that aims to save Galgos, educate about the breed and the mistreatment they may face in their native country, and encourage adoption.

Tiny N Tall

So this isn’t a breed specific Chicago dog rescue since they’re focused on the size, but Tiny N Tall rescues dogs that are under 25lbs or are Giant breeds. If you’re looking for your littles like Chihuahuas, Yorkies, and Shih Tzus, or your big bois like Great Danes or Great Pyrs, then check out this St. Charles-based rescue whose slogan is, “We rescue ‘em all!”

What are your favorite Chicago dog rescues? Let us know in the comments and tag us with #SidewalkDog on Instagram to show us your favorite puppers!

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