It’s Black Dog Friday! Let’s Help These 5 Rescue Pups Find Forever Homes

Happy Black Dog Friday, pups! Today is our annual adoptathon featuring black dogs, who are often overlooked in rescues and shelters. Take a look and then share this post like heck to help ‘em get adopted.

Black Dog Friday is made paw-sible by the good folks at Tito’s Handmade Vodka, who call pups in their dog-friendly office “co-woofers” and are dedicated to making vodka for some of the best people we know: dog people.

Robin (Photo by Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue)

1-year-old female Labrador Retriever mix from Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue

Story: Robin was only eight weeks old when she and her mama were transferred from a shelter partner to Coco’s Heart. Now that she’s about a year old, Robin has been waiting most of her life for a family to notice how sweet and beautiful she is.

Paws-onality: A spunky and smart teenager, Robin likes making new dog friends almost as much as she likes turning over and over before she goes to sleep. Though often overlooked due to her shiny black coat, Robin had a brush with fame when she met Nick Seeler from the MN Wild, and totally dazzled him with her “extremely loyal” nature and “great personality” (his words). Learn more about Robin

Lucy (Photo by Ruff Start Rescue)

6-year-old female Bloodhound from Ruff Start Rescue

Story: Lucy was a stray before coming to Ruff Start from the Ottertail Humane Society in Fergus Falls in February 2017. She has been in rescue for almost three years.

Paw-sonality: Lucy is a true hound with a sniffer she’d follow till the cows come home if you let her. Loving this sassy senior lady means being cat-less and dealing with her incontinence (with her daily medication, she doesn’t have any accidents). She’s great with older, considerate kids and men, women, and strangers. Being a foster sister to Chihuahuas has been going great for Lucy, and she’d prefer to stay the big dog in her future home too. Learn more about Lucy.  

Delilah “Dee” (Photo by No Dog Left Behind)

9-month-old female Pit Bull Terrier mix from No Dog Left Behind

Story: Delilah a.k.a. Dee was rescued after her former owner passed away from cancer. Her foster family has quickly fallen in love with her cuddly hugs and kisses.

Paws-onality: Dee is a friendly girl who wants to greet everyone she meets to see who can love her the most. She hasn’t been tested with cats, but ruvs playing tug-of-war with her doggy foster brother, and would do great in a home where she gets plenty of attention. Dee is also crate-trained, but would gladly snuggle up with someone in bed at night instead. Learn more about Delilah.

Merceline “Mercy” (Photo by KME Photography)

1-year-old female Pit Bull Terrier-Spaniel mix from Pet Haven

Story: Mercy came from a MN reservation with mange so severe she was bleeding. She was the only survivor of a litter of nine puppies born with demodex mange. After six weeks of treatment, she grew a gorgeous glossy coat all the humans can’t stop petting.

Paws-onality: This champion runner, chewer, and player can’t wait for an active fam to show her the good life. She’s anti-cat, but pro-kid, especially if they can keep up with her zoomies. After a romp, she likes to kick back by the fireplace with her fave chew toys. Learn more about Mercy.

Raven (Photo by 4 Pits Sake Rescue)

2-year-old male Pit Bull Terrier from 4 Pits Sake Rescue

Story: Raven was found as a stray with extensive bite wounds believed to be from an animal attack. He had surgery at Animal Emergency & Referral Center of MN (AERCMN), and then 4 Pits Sake Rescue pulled him out of the local shelter so he could recover in a loving foster home. Now that he’s healed, this handsome dude’s on the lookout for his happily ever after.

Paw-sonality: This resilient guy loves meeting new people, and gives his sniff of approval to other dogs (he even sits on his foster sister’s head–true ruv). Since he’s been in recovery, we don’t know how Raven feels about kids or cats, but he’s been nothing but friendly, playful, and energetic in his foster family’s home (and is stinkin’ cute to boot). Learn more about Raven.

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