It’s Black Dog Friday! Let’s Help These 7 Rescue Pups Find Forever Homes

Seriously, Wash, we can’t even with those amazing ears. (Photo by Shuttersmack Photography)

Happy Black Dog Friday, pups! Today is our annual adoptathon featuring black dogs, who are often overlooked in rescues and shelters. Take a look and then share this post like heck to help ‘em get adopted.

Black Dog Friday is made paw-sible by the good folks at Tito’s Handmade Vodka, who call pups in their dog-friendly office “co-woofers” and are dedicated to making vodka for some of the best people we know: dog people.

Photo by A Kendall Photography


1-year-old Labrador Retriever-Hound mix from Pet Haven

Story: Gillie came to Pet Haven from an overcrowded Kentucky shelter, and is looking for a forever home to show her the treat life.

Paw-sonality: This spunky princess would let you scratch her belly all day if you were willing, and loves to roll over so you can get just the right spot. She hasn’t been tested with cats or kiddos, but is grrreat with other dogs. Plus, just look at that shiny coat! Learn more about Gillie.





2-year-old Rottweiler mix from A Rotta Love Plus

Story: Dakota was rescued from a reservation where she was homeless and likely would not have survived the cold winter as a stray.

Paw-sonality: Among Dakota’s favorite things: people and butt scratches. For fun, this smarty pants also enjoys disassembling stuffies or playing brain games. Dakota is highly intelligent, which means she’s got a ton of potential for training in just about any capacity! She hasn’t been tested with the kittehs, but is furbulous with kids and other dogs. Learn more about Dakota.




Photo by Shuttersmack Photography


1-year-old Labrador Retriever/German Shepherd mix from Pet Haven

Story: Wash was rescued from an overcrowded Kentucky shelter and came to Pet Haven when he was about two months old. He has been waiting his whole life for a family to come along and take him home.

Paw-sonality: Wash is the total package: He’s good with dogs, kids, and even other cats! He’s a loyal companion who’ll even throw his own tennis ball to play fetch. And seriously, those expressive ears deserve their own Instagram account. Learn more about Wash.





9-year-old Basset Hound/Poodle mix from Minnesota Basset Rescue

Story: Layla came to Minnesota Basset Rescue by way of a North Dakota rescue group and can’t wait to have a family to call her own.

Paw-sonality: At just 26 pounds, this cuddle bug is small on the houndy scale, and loves being a lap dog for someone to pet. Among her fave recreational activities include hanging with other doggos, and “telling” the deer, turkeys, and squirrels in the backyard that she is watching them. She’s a mellow lady who’s great with other dogs, cats, and older kiddos. Learn more about Layla.





4-year-old Great Dane from Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue

Story: Remi was rescued from a shelter where he was scheduled for euthanasia due to overcrowding. His tail was amputated for his own safety due to happy tail syndrome.

Paw-sonality: Remi may be full-grown, but he still plays like a puppy! Fave activities include running zoomies around the house and playing tug of war with his hoomans. He likes kids of all ages, adults, and ignores the cat in his current foster home.  Remi will do best in a home where he’s the only dog or where his fur-siblings are female. Learn more about Remi.





4-year-old Great Dane from Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue

Story: Lilly came into rescue because she is unaware of her large size, and was at risk of accidentally tipping over the small children in her previous home.

Paw-sonality: Lilly is a major cuddler who also ruvs hogging the bed and playing with her stuffed toys (oh fur cute!). Lilly hasn’t lived with kitties, but she’s pawesome with adults and other low-key doggos like herself. Learn more about Lilly.





10-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier from Secondhand Hounds

Story: This Secondhand Hounds sass master can’t wait to cuddle on your couch (and surf your counters).

Paw-sonality: Jack is a sassy old man and occasional counter surfer who knows the command “off” as a result (and doesn’t hesitate to tell you he wouldn’t have to rise to countertop level if you’d just feed him constantly). Jack’s great with dogs and kids, and hasn’t been tested with cats. He’s also a master cuddler and would likely excel as a therapy doggo in retirement community and children’s hospital settings because he automatically sits for pets from anyone. Learn more about Jack.

Please share these deserving doggos far and wide to help ’em make it home by Christmas time!

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