13 Memes that Prove Dogs are Just as Obsessed with Snacks as You Are

We lurve strollin’ through the internet to fetch the best dog memes around. Keep scrollin’ for a few that embrace the universal appeal of the snack. Also, we’re starving. Is it snack time yet?

dog diet meme

Too real.

bread dog meme

Look closely.

dog bagel meme

Just look at those eyes!

dog birthday meme

Have you ever seen such a nice smile?

corn dog meme

It’s technically true.

perfect night meme

You were saying?

airport sniffer dog

That’s still helpful, though!

dog meme

Why yes, yes I do.

tomato dog meme

With a passion.

pizza dog meme

Decisions, decisions…

puppy or bagel meme

It’s embarrassingly hard to tell sometimes.

purebred dog meme

Now you know the difference!

showbiz dog meme

You’d get a standing ovation from us.

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