9 Best Water Toys for Dogs

They call ‘em the dog days of summer for a reason, folks. The sunlight sticks around longer, the mercury rises to uncomfortable levels, and your pup—bless her little heart—still wants to run and play despite the cloying humidity and oppressive heat. But not just any old rope toy or fetching stick will do; you need toys that’ll keep your pal cool while keeping her engaged. Here are some of the best water toys for dogs (including floating dog pool toys and even a dog pool float!) to keep that canine cool on hot summer days. 

1. A set of skipping bones—er, skipping stones.

These lumpy little things might not look like much, but they’re about to become your pup’s favorite aquatic toy. Kurgo skipping stones rocket across the water like actual rocks and are super tough, too, but they’re made from durable rubber that won’t get waterlogged. And they’re bright as heck, so you can spot ’em no matter how far you huck ’em. 

Get a set from Kurgo for $13.99.

2. An adorable dorsal for fetching and chewing.


Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water—there’s this floating shark fin fetch toy from ChuckIt! Made from lightweight memory foam, nylon, and rubber, this colorful floatie is easy to wash off and stands up to tough chomping. From dogs, at least. No word on how it holds up to sharks. Duuuunnnn-duun. Duuunnnnnnnn-dun. Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun… 

Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

3. A Nerf Dog shark football so your pup can go long.


Elsewhere in shark-themed pup playtime, there’s this incredible Super Soaker football. It squeaks! It crunches! It floats! Plus it’s built Nerf tough.

Get it on Amazon for $9.99.

4. A KONG like your bud knows and loves—but water-ified!


This amphibious toy is as rough and tumble as the iconic original KONG, but it’s got a foam core that keeps it afloat while your pup plays and fetches. It’s durable and versatile with a rope for tugging, making it a great all-around backyard toy on land or in water. 

Find it at Petco for $13.99.

5. A pup-sized life jacket for long days on the water.

dog wearing Outward Hound life jacket
Outward Hound

Some dogs aren’t super confident swimmers, and any pup—even those who love aquatic sports—can tire after a day of splashing around. (And if your pup is joining you on a boat this summer, a pup-sonal flotation device—sorry, personal flotation device—is a must.) We like this one from Outward Hound; it’s brightly colored with handles for snagging any canines who need a little lift, and its adjustable straps make sure your bud gets a perfect fit.

Grab one at Petco starting at $23.99.

6. A Hydrofreeze Ball for frozen fetching fun with your furry friend.


Trying to stay cool during a marathon fetch sesh? Chuckit! Hydro Toys make it easy! Just fill their Hydrofreeze Ball up from the faucet and pop it in the freezer. Its internal reservoir freezes, then releases water while you play. 

Find it on Amazon for $8.99.

7. A big ol’ float if pup prefers a more laid-back water hang.


If your big guy would rather lounge around than run around on hot days, we totally get it—and we tip our poolside piña colada to him! Get your buddy a floating dog raft like this one from Swimways, and he can enjoy cooling off in the pool without having to do any of that fetching and tugging. 

Find one on Amazon starting at $34.99.

8. A canine splash pad for pups of the human and dog variety.


Maybe your dog doesn’t wanna go in the water at all, but she still wants to stay cool during those humid-as-all-heck summer afternoons. A splash pad like this one lets her get in a little water-adjacent playtime, and it’s great for kids, too! Just attach to the hose and let the fun begin.

Get one from Amazon for $28.99.

9. A foldable, portable pet pool 

golden lab in dog swimming pool

This thing is compact when you want to store it and easy to set up when you want to splash around—no inflation necessary, just unfold, fill, and cool the heck off. Plus it’s made of durable PVC to stand up to even the ruffest paddlers out there. 

Get it on Amazon starting at $21.66.

Now that you’ve read up on the best water toys for dogs, don’t miss our list of the best ways to keep your pup from overheating during summer months. Got a personal favorite? Give us a bark in the comments!

Featured image: Egidijus Bielskis

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