We’re reaching mid-blooming season as artichokes, cherries, and honeydew melons tell us summer is right around the corner. While many rejoice at the thought of being outdoors free from heavy garments, others might start worrying about this year’s summer heat.

Our dogs aren’t, though and why would they? They’ve got us as their personal thinkpad! Here’s a list of the 10 best dog products for the summer to protect your dog from heat ensuring a fun, cool, and enjoyable summer season. 

Cooling Gear 

You’ve probably noticed Fur Ball lazily lying on the most obscure places: on the tile next to the laundry or beneath an antique Japanese table. If it’s hot, they’re likely searching for a place that’s nice and cool.

Dogs naturally know how and where to cool down, but you can make their jobs much easier by providing them cooling gear specially designed to facilitate their natural cooling instincts.

1. Cooling Bandana

A Cooling Bandana is the most versatile cooling gear on the market and one of the best dog products for the summer. It’s a handkerchief made of breathable mesh material that you can wet with cold water, or fill with ice, and tie around your dog’s chest and neck area. Some bandanas use cooling technologies based on non-toxic gel. They’ll stay cool for hours and are easy to use and carry. The ALL FOR PAWS Chill Out Dog Bandana is an option that is easy to use with instant cooling relief.

2. Cooling Mats, Pads and Beds

You can conveniently choose your dog’s summer snooze zone by getting them a cooling mat. These mats come in three cooling mechanisms: gel, ice, and fabric. The best will depend on your dog’s age and your budget. 

If you have a senior dog, consider an orthopedic fabric bed with a non-slip bottom. Puppies may want to feel the chill fast and might prefer an ice mat

Gel pads are good options for dogs who don’t have the urge to chew on things. Though the gel is non-toxic, if the product is chewed on it could get damaged and be an annoying clean-up hassle. 

3. Pet Crate Fan

For a variety of reasons, your dog may need to spend some time in their crate. If the temperature is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, a crate fan will make the stay much better. 

Pet crate fans come in a variety of formats and budgets. Some are for indoors, others for outdoors, and some are battery-powered or solar-powered.

One of the most versatile crate fans is the Mikikin Portable Clip-on Fan. It’s a portable clip-on with a flexible 12-inch neck and a rotating design that allows it to adapt to different positions and crates. 


When the heat soars, hydration is your highest priority. If you enjoy taking your dog along nature hikes or urban excursions you should always keep your dog well hydrated.

4. Portable Dog Water Bowl

There are many take-along dog bowls, but none are as practical as the FLEX-adaptable bowl. This innovative bowl screws on directly to the rim of the bottle and allows water to flow directly to the bowl. They’re also compatible with many single-use bottle brands, so you don’t need to worry about looking after an expensive bottle. Dog owners should also consider checking out the HydroSMART-pro pet bowl which allows you to share a bottle with your dog without mixing up the germs.

5. Paw Activated Water Dispenser

If you have a yard or outdoor area at home, a paw-activated water dispenser will provide the right dose of hydration and mental stimulation. These dispensers act as a hydration device and as a paw activated sprinkler propulsing an infinite amount of water fun. 

The Scuddles Dog Water Fountain Sprinkler’s stream is only activated when your dog presses down and utilizes a water that is perfect for drinking and playing. 

Sun Protection

During the summer months, when our planet is in the southern hemisphere, the Earth’s heat is more intense. Common surfaces increase in temperature and direct UV rays become dangerous for humans and pets. 

6. Dog-Safe Sunscreen

Prolonged exposure to UV light could cause sunburn to a dog, especially if they’re light-colored, have a thin coat, or are hairless. Prolonged UV exposure causes pain and could potentially result in skin conditions or cancer. To combat this, your dog should be wearing sunscreen specifically formulated for use on dogs. Some are even FDA-approved, such as the Epi-Pet K9 Care, which has a strong SPF factor and an easy spray application. 

7. Paw Protector Booties

Surfaces such as pavements, sands and ceramic floors can quickly increase their temperature making it unbearable for our beloved companion’s paws. Paw protector booties act as a barrier between your precious dog’s paws and a blistering hot terrain. 

Ensure your dog’s booties are easy to put on and remove, but won’t slip off accidentally. A breathable material will feel seamless to Poochie. Check-out the CovertSafe& Dog Boots that are non-slip, waterproof and adjustable.  

Splashing Around 

It’s nice to be in the sun; but being in the water is twice as fun! Water is a dog’s natural go-to solution for keeping cool on hot summer days. If you don’t live near a river bank, or if you aren’t keen on muddy paws, you can provide them with an immersion solution that reduces the mess.

8. Foldable Dog Pool

A dog pool is a refreshing splash space just for your dog made with materials strong enough to bear your dog’s scratches and bursts of excitement. Many dog pools come in a foldable format, making them simple to set up and transport. The VISTOP Foldable Dog Pool is a helpful product to look into because It’s sturdy, durable and fits children.

Cooling Fun and Summer Treats

You can keep your dog cool and entertained with products designed to provide cooling fun and summer treats!

9. Freezable and Chewable Dog Toys

Letting your dog chew on cooling toys is an easy method to combat heat and keep them occupied. Simply put the toy in the freezer to let it harden and during hot days, your dog can cool down by chewing on it. “Chill and Chew” freezable toys change colors when frozen and are even flavored for a gourmet chew. NYLABONE has great options that change colors and are flavored. Some of these toys have multiple benefits like floating in the water and also preventing dental problems. These toys are great for teething puppies and will keep your pup cool and entertained for hours!

You’ll also find some interactive “Fill And Chill” toys that dispense frozen treats, like the Chew King Chill FILL that you can fill with your dog’s favorite treat! 

10. Ice cream for Dogs

Because we love our fluffies, we want to give them the very best and that includes summertime treats!

You can find several ice cream brands created for dogs in your vet store. Look for brands prioritizing real ingredients, such as yogurt, bananas, and peanut butter. 

Puppy Scoops has a yummy Maple Bacon flavor. This convenient product is a powdered mix and comes unfrozen. To create the treat, just add water and freeze for at least five hours. After freezing, leave it on the counter for 15 minutes before the first scoop.

Dogs Love Summer

Although dogs love summer, it’s smart to always be prepared so our favorite pups can have their “dog days”! Keeping our dogs as safe from the heat as possible will ensure they don’t get heatstroke or other heat-related problems. For many breeds such as pugs and french bulldogs keeping cool is of vital importance due to their short noses and small air passages. Make sure you assess your dog’s characteristics and choose a product that is right for them. 

Summer is a popular time to order doggy products, so get them before the temperature rises and they begin to sell out. Many of these products are budget friendly and they make a huge difference for your dog. Don’t waste any time and go buy some of the best dog products for the summer-you’re favorite pooch will thank you!

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