22 Minnesota Dogs You Should Be Following on Instagram

Little Gus + Big Gus

Oh Instagram, you glorious time-suck, you. Every week the Sidewalk Dog pack spends probably too many hours ogling thousands of squee-worthy Minnesota Instagram dogs, using our opposable thumbs to boop as many virtual noses as we can. It’s nearly impossible to pick faves, but we didn’t want to let that stop us from spreading the woof about just a few of the Minn-stagram doggos we return to again and again for awwws and lolz.

Without further a-doo, here are some of our many (many) faves:

1. Endeavors of Ego features paw-dropping photography of a Border Collie loving every minute of life in MN.

2. Oh, Gus Gus. We can’t. Just cannot. Gus Gus was recently on Good Morning America!

3. Northward Hounds‘ feed is known for fashion, friends, and the adorable antics of Harlow and Mowgli.

4. Art the Corgi is making the world a better place, one sploot at a time.

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5. Paws down, Pointer Problems has some of the best photography on Instagram. Serious Gordie and his silly sidekick Lylle are simply a must-follow. Boop.

6. Gus Gus the Golden Doodle self-describes as a “Minneapolis Man of Mystery,” but it’s no mystery whatsoever that this flufferific cutie has loads of loyal followers.

7. Whether cheering for the Vikes or out on the town (usually at a dog-friendly brewery), Mr. Jack the Lab is a friendly face we can’t seem to get enough of these days.

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8. Equal parts goofy and glamorous, you won’t find a more perfectly curated canine feed than Murrow the Frenchie‘s.

9. Loki of MN has the face of an angel and makes us want to adopt ALL the Golden Retrievers.

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10. Gorgeous nature shots and plenty of Husky personality can be found over at The Legend of Ace and Zuko. (Who wouldn’t want to see those incredible eyes in their feed on the daily?)


11. Titan and Orion of The Stellar Pack are known for consistently outstanding photography, not to mention cute cold-weather attire. Their person’s love for her dogs shines through in every shot. Boop boop.

12. Leo the Lion Pup is always making us laugh with antics galore. (His human has a furbulous knack for finding the coolest murals, too.)

13. The Canine Cottage features the adventures of four canine brothers. The creative pics and captions have us racing back for more from this friendly family.

14. Not only is Simply Samson cute AF, but his pics and captions are packed with personality.

15. The photography of Leah and Her Awesome Setter is stunning — with just the right amount of derp mixed in.

16. Three doggos and an occasional kitteh are the subject of 3 of a Kind Plus 1‘s humorous and often picturesque account.

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17. Miss Ellie the Goldendoodle‘s floof-filled feed is always pawfectly seasonal.

18. Rosie and Pippi are two of the smiliest doggos around and their feed makes our days on the regular.

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19. Dog sisters Maya and Mocha of MN Doggone Nice serve as muses for mom Carrie Min’s creative side.

20. Stan the Basset‘s exploits (often to visit the neighbors) are equal parts endearing and hilarious, and his ears are in a league of their own.

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21. Monty the Bernese Mountain Dog has one of those contagious smiles and his account is so puppin’ happy, we can’t help but smile back.

22. Joy, the Goldendoodle “with a dash of Berne,” gets out to some of the coolest dog-friendly places in town, and never shies away from a great hat.

Of course, we’d love to have you pop over at Sidewalk Dog, too! Follow us and use #SidewalkDog for the chance to be featured on our page. We love being a part of MN’s crazy-adorable dog community!

We wanna know your picks for the best Minnesota dogs on Instagram. Woof at us in the comments!


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