Dog Slings for the Puppy-Wearing Pawrent

Who needs a Birkin when you have a Barkin’?! These 5 dog slings will help your favorite fren pull double duty as your favorite accessory *and* save her the trouble of walking on the ground like some kind of peasant. You’ll finally get to live out your dreams of being your dog’s very own human hammock stand, too.

1. This rainbow dog sling to bless onlookers with a world of color.

Person in sunglasses holding a warm to-go beverage wearing a rainbow dog sling with a small yellow dog in it.
Walking Palm on Etsy

Machine washable and breathable to maintain coolness, this technicolor dreamsling is sure to turn heads. And it’s reversible for optimal use by both right- and left-handed folks!

Get it on Etsy for $39.99.

2. This luxe faux fur dog sling to *literally envelop* your pup in the fuzzy-wuzziness he deserves.

Brown and white Chihuahua in a faux fur dog sling.
PawsForPeaceLLC on Etsy

This handmade luxurious sling offers a pawsh look and a pocket for essentials like your dog’s cell phone and treatos. 10% of all sales fight animal abuse, to boop.  

Get it on Etsy starting at $114.

3. This front-facing dog sling for when it’s time to have a party in the front, too.

Person holding small white dog in a front-facing striped dog sling.

Not only does this one offer comfortable, extra-wide straps—it can be worn on one shoulder as a traditional sling, too. It also features a claw-proof mesh window for anyone planning to tote around a very cute escape artist. 

Get it on Amazon for $60.99.

4. This colorful yet rugged dog sling for those hikes where he’d prefer the title of “adventure supervisor.”

Person outdoors wearing a pink and gray dog sling with a small yellow dog in it.

For those situations when your energy-saving model tuckers out well before you do, this sling has your back. Reviewers say this one’s so pleasant that you might just forget you’re wearing it!

Get it on Amazon starting at $24.98.

5. This papoose-style dog sling that proves once and for all that this really is just baby wearing, but for dogs.

Small black dog relaxing in a gray papoose-style dog sling.
SisiDogCouture on Etsy

This warm, jersey sling features thrice-sewn seams for superior durability. Easy to fold and comfy to wear, many reviewers describe it as their favorite sling.

Get it on Etsy for $52.

Which of these dog slings is your pup clamoring to get her paws on? Woof at us in the comments and be sure to tag us in all those puppy pics at #SidewalkDog.

Featured photo: Pauline Loroy

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