Canine Cruisers: The Best Bike Basket for Your Dog Cyclist

It’s (finally) bike season. Whether you’re a cycling aficionado in a neon spandex getup or a laid-back cruiser in flip flops and beachwear, surely your pup would ruv to join you on a bike ride. We sniffed out six of the best carriers, trailers, and bike baskets for dogs so you can make the most of your next adventure!

Choosing the Right Basket for Your Dog

The first things to consider when choosing your dog’s bicycle transport option are her size and weight. Most dog baskets and bike carriers are made for doggos under 15 pounds. Large dogs will need a trailer, special leash, or handlebar attachment to safely ride alongside you. 

It’s also important to think about the type of ride. A sling or handlebar attachment will be ideal for short city rides; a basket or trailer will be a good fit for a longer haul.

Dog Bike Baskets & Carriers for Smaller Pups

We sniffed out the top rated baskets for pups under 15 pounds. Here’s the inside scoop!

This very fetch buddy bike basket for dog royalty.


Your doggo will feel like he’s in the lap of luxury in this bike basket from Snoozer, pawfect for dogs up to 14 pounds. He’ll dig the super comfy cushion, chin rest, and rain cover. Peeps will love that it folds flat and is made of easy-to-clean, durable microfiber.

Get it on Amazon for $59.95

This classy-as-pup wicker bike basket for the neighborhood starlet. 

We guarantee the puparazzi will wanna snap pics of your adorable doggie ridin’ in this basket from Petsafe. Safe for doggos up to 13 pounds, this basket is made of breathable, weather-resistant wicker and includes a removable sunshade to keep dogs cool.

Get it on Amazon for $48.95.

This uber sporty dog sling for your on-the-go BFF.

Lookin’ for a casual, easy cruise with your dog around the neighborhood? Best for fluffs up to 12 pounds, this pet sling from Lukovee offers an adjustable padded strap, breathable fabric, and is machine washable. Plus it has a pocket safety belt for your precious cargo.

Get it on Amazon for $22.98.

Dog Bike Baskets & Carriers for Larger Pups 

We all agree Golden Retrievers and bigger breeds would look adorable in a basket, but umm…that’s just not happening. We found a few other ideas so your pup can join you on a glorious ride.

This dog bike trailer that doubles as a canine convertible. 


Have a senior woof? Or a city slicker who doesn’t have room to run aside you by leash? PetSafe’s lightweight, aluminum bike trailer is the pawfect fit. Peeps and pooches up to 115 pounds will ruv the special pockets to hold phones and treats, cushioned seat, rain fly, and sunroof. 

Get it on Amazon for $204.95

This hands-free dog bicycle leash for the furry fitness enthusiast.

person with dog on bike leash

WalkyDog Plus stainless steel shock-absorbing leash is a great way for large, high-energy breeds to get movin’ alongside their favorite hooman. It’s safer than holding a leash the ol’ fashioned way. No tools are required; simply push and lock into place. The length can be adjusted by taking out springs. 

Get it on Amazon for $79.99.

This bicycle trailer/ jogger 2 in 1 combo that’ll show everyone you’re a *cool* dog parent.


Fasten your fur baby in Sepnine’s weatherproof trailer, which features double entrances in front and back to easily load doggos up to 65 pounds. It’s easy to connect to your bike, convert to a jogger, or disconnect and fold for storage.

Get it on Amazon for $150.95.

The More You Know, The Faster You Can Go!

Biking with your dog can be a breeze, so long as you have the right equipment and carefully consider the best options. For city riders, we highly recommend a carrier or trailer for bike lanes, although a handlebar attachment can be an option for roomy trails. Whatever kind of ride your pal is after, we know she’ll look h*ckin’ cute in a bike basket for dog riders!

It’s warming up outside which means it’s time to dust off that bicycle and get ready to ride! Let us know: when it comes to bringing your pup on the trails with you, what kind of dog basket or carrier do you use? Woof at us in the comments! And don’t furget to tag #SidewalkDog in all your trail pics!

Featured photo: Elizabeth Jamieson

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