7 of the Best Dog Beds: Comfy, Trendy, and Hilarious Options for Fido

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‘Tis our doo-ty to sniff out the best of the best for your four-legged BFF, so here are our picks for best dog beds based on user reviews from Amazon:

1. Best dog bed for shedding dogs: Bolster dog bed, $88. “We have a 3-legged dog who was having troubles getting comfortable on any bed…The memory-foam Bolster was highly recommended to us, so we gave it a shot and couldn’t be happier. The bed has a nice cushion, but firm enough to give her the support she needs. The cover is easy to clean; I use the vacuum to remove hair and it’s easy to remove the cover and wash. I’d highly recommend this bed to any dog owner…it’s so great we now own two!” — Amazon customer

best dog beds
Bolster Dog Bed

2. Best dog bed for quirky dogs: Banana bed, $10. “Much bigger than expected and the dogs love it, very cute and seems durable so far.” — smatchell

best dog beds
Banana bed

3. Best dog bed for Instagram photos: Pet tent bed, $50. “This teepee is so cute and my pup loves it too. It blocks the draft that comes and goes when you open the door, so she doesn’t get cold. She always bring her toys into her little teepee to keep her company. Definitely will recommend this product.” — ken

best dog beds
Pet tent bed

4. Best dog bed for huge dogs: BarksBar orthopedic dog bed, $50. “Looks so comfortable that I could curl up and nap in this. My 85lb GSD outgrew her ‘teenager’ snuggle bed. We ordered this bed because it not only looked big enough, but looked super comfortable. It was a HUGE hit. She can lounge across it and use the sides as a pillow, she can curl up and snuggle-sleep and she can even roll around in it and play. We love the bed, the quality is excellent.” — LJ Key

best dog beds
Barksbar orthopedic dog bed

5. Best dog bed for seniors: Dogbed4less memory foam bed, $80. “Wonderful memory foam bed for aging pets. Top notch quality. Couldn’t be more pleased. Our lab is 12 now and having issues with her back legs and hips. This is as good as it gets and I’ll never buy or recommend any other bed but this one.” — Good Times

best dog beds
Dogbed4less memory foam bed

6. Best dog bed for dogs in cold climates: Self warming lounge sleeper, $24. “This little bed is excellent for our 6lb pup. Its a perfect size for him to have support everywhere. And seems like he has been getting better sleep, helping us sleep with fewer interruptions.” — H

best dog beds
Self-warming lounge sleeper

7. Best dog bed to match any decor: Friends Forever bed, $60. “Best dog bed I have ever purchased! The outside fabric of the bed holds up very well. The thickness and quality of the memory foam mattress are outstanding. The shade is complementary with my other furnishings, especially with the off-white piping accent the runs along the front of the bed.” — The IronButterfly

best dog beds
Friends Forever bed

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