The Five Best Breeds for Dog-Friendly Condos

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Condo living can be a dream, and it’s made all the better by the company of a warm, bright-eyed pup. When planning to add a four-legged member to their family, many people wonder whether any specific breeds make particularly great condo roommates. Whether you’re a dog owner taking your first foray into condo ownership or you’re looking for a new furry companion to join you in an existing space, we hope this guide will help shed some light on the issue.

Before we jump in, there are a few things to consider:

  • While our list recommends several dog breeds whose traits make them paw-ticularly well suited to condo life, these are just generalizations, and dogs of any breed can thrive in the condo environment depending on their personalities. Dogs’ individual temperaments play a HUGE role in how they’ll do in any given situation. And you will almost certainly find that your pup’s behavior will differ from the “textbook” expectations for their breed, so be sure to be attentive to your dog’s personality and unique needs.
  • Personality aside, some property managers may have policies regarding the weight or breed of your pup. You can ask your realtor to help you sniff out all of the details ahead of time.
  • Adopting an adult dog from a local rescue is a terrific way to find out loads of relevant info about a prospective pooch before adoption. Ask their foster human about the dog’s daily exercise needs, noise-making propensity, and comfort level around other dogs and strangers.

With those things in mind, here are our picks for some condo-friendly dog breeds:

best breeds for dog-friendly condos

Maggie enjoying a well-deserved treat. Photo: KME Photography

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Like Maggie, one of our pack dogs, Cavaliers are lovable and generally adaptable pups whose small size and affinity for close-quarters companionship make them a great choice for condo living. These sweet, pouty-faced pups are generally very friendly and affectionate to adults, kids, and other dogs, so no need to worry about having guests over. They do need daily exercise to stay fit and fab, so make sure you’re willing to take Fido out for a walk every day if you choose a Cavalier.

best breeds for dog-friendly condos

Can’t beat that un-amused resting face.

Boston Terrier
These stout, muscular little pups make terrific companions for all kinds of owners. They love playing with kids, and also make great housemates for older owners. On top of that, their cute, silly faces are very nice to look at. They do not require very much by way of grooming, and are usually low-maintenance from a health perspective. These furry friends like to live life to its fullest and have moderate energy levels, so a good walk or play session each day is a must-doo.

best breeds for dog-friendly condos

That’s a pawfully sweet smile.

French Bulldog
We probably don’t have to sell you on the perks of owning a Frenchie (look. at. those. faces!), but here’s some info anyway: due to their small size, low-to-moderate energy levels, and limited urge to bark, these pups can be very happy and healthy with relatively limited living space. Shedding is minimal, and they’re very easy to groom. These short, smushy-faced doggos are also very affectionate and generally comfortable among unfamiliar people and dogs. In short, Frenchies are bone-a fide condo-dwellers.

best breeds for dog-friendly condos

This dog has no bad side.

Cocker Spaniel
You probably won’t be able to say no to those sweet, dark eyes. If that doesn’t convince you that a Cocker Spaniel is a good choice for your condo, consider that these pups are fantastic for condo living. They’re loving and affectionate, which means they are very kid-friendly and generally get along well with other animals. As companion dogs with an average need for exercise, these little guys will gladly join you for a walk or an adventure to a dog-friendly patio or brewery, but they won’t turn down a lazy afternoon here or there.

best breeds for dog-friendly condo

Such beautiful eyes.

Despite their reputations as lean racing machines, Greyhounds are actually quite calm and docile. These gentle doggos are very friendly and affectionate, and are known for being great with kids. As an added bonus, they’re generally quiet, so they won’t disturb your neighbors. If you’re looking for a pup that’s fine with a lazy day here or there (with just a short walk thrown in for good measure!), Greyhounds are a great choice.

That wraps up our list of condo-friendly breeds! Does your dog thrive in the condo lifestyle? Tell us everything in the comments!

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    1. Jennifer M Manning

      Great Dane is GREAT for condo living – as long as the condo does not restrict due to weight. Danes average around 125-135 pounds. Elderly Danes (over 3 years old) especially adapt well and only need a good daily walk to keep fit. Otherwise, they are happy to veg out on the couch with you!


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