5 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

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Once upon a time, there was an unspoken rule among dog people that you needed a house with a yard to adopt a dog. While that’s definitely ideal, current property prices across the nation would mean that a very elite few would have the opportunity to live alongside a pup-one (one of the best ways to live life, if you ask us). 

Well fluff that noise! There are many dogs who would be perfectly happy living in an apartment as long as they had love, walks, and adequate time outdoors. Grab some pee pads, bake muffins for neighbors who may hear barks, and check out five of the best apartment dogs.

1. Terriers

Starting off with the most obvious–small dogs. While many Terriers are great fits for apartments as they don’t need a ton of space, all Terriers (and small dogs) are not created equal! You’ll want to veer away from yappier or higher energy breeds who may cause disturbances to your neighbors when you’re not around (Chihuahuas and Yorkies, for example).

However, Boston and Rat Terriers are solid picks who usually have medium energy, or high energy that’s easily exhausted with a walk around the block. They also tend to be food motivated, and with good training, any yapping can be controlled.

2. Bulldogs

This floppy-faced cutie pie is a huge hit among apartment livers, especially families with young children! Just one or two short walks a day and a comfortable place to nap is all this cuddler needs. While Bulldogs tend to be lower energy, make sure to monitor their diet and make exercise a priority since it’s easy for them to become a little too fluffy.

Frenchies similarly make great apartment dogs, although they have slightly more energy and the tendency to become bored if not stimulated. Good thing we have lots of enrichment ideas

3. Cocker Spaniel 

You don’t have to be a tiny dog to be an apartment dog! Cocker Spaniels’ moderate energy levels and medium size make them the perfect apartment breed. They tend to be a bit barky, but their extensive use as therapy dogs tells us this breed responds very well to training! And you gotta love their ears for years.

4. Greyhound/Whippet 

Yes, you read that right! Often considered only as racing dogs, it can be easy to associate Greyhounds and Whippets with needing fields and fields for their long limbs and speedy runs. But while their energy hits peak levels when running, the one thing they like more than the open road? Sleeping.

As long as you get them out on a long walk or run at least once a day, they’ll be happy with a bed next to you at the home office! They’re also super friendly to people and dogs, making them a great community dog in a building full of both. 

5. Old English Sheepdog 

This one goes out to the ‘Big Dog People’ reading! Old English Sheepdogs, along with being a walking weighted blanket, also are known to enjoy the comforts of home life.

They are intelligent and loving dogs who do well in apartments, as long as they have regular play sessions or walks. Make sure to keep up with training, obedience, and tricks; these dogs are smart and need to be kept mentally challenged.

Are you an apartment dweller? Tell us how your dog does with #AptLife in the comments!

Featured photo: Matthew Hamilton

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