6 Dog-Friendly Things to Do Before Summer Leaves Us Again

The sun is setting on another beautiful summer. Photo: Wyatt Ryan

Can’t say we didn’t see it coming–our beautiful summer days are slipping away, doggone it. Luckily, there’s still plenty of fun to be had with your pup before the pumpkin spice is upon us. Here’s a few of our favorite bucket list items to make the most of the final dog-day stretch.

(Editor’s note: If your pooch is lucky enough to live in Minneapolis/St Paul or Chicago, head to our Dog-Friendly Directory to find specific spots to enjoy all of these ideas. Not in those cities? No problem! Submit dog-friendly businesses for other towns right this way. We’re growing like a weed and will be adding more cities to our Directory very soon.)

1. Hit the Beach

This one goes without saying, but there’s no better way to celebrate sunny days than with a cool doggy paddle. Though we fully recognize that a significant number of dogs are thoroughly perplexed by the prospect of entering bodies of water, yours will still probably enjoy watching all the Labs gracefully Baywatch-run in slow-mo toward their precious tennis balls for hours at a time. Honestly, we wish we enjoyed anything that much. 

(In Mpls/St Paul, locals rave about Matkosa Park. In Chicago, check out the Montrose Beach Dog Friendly Area.)

Swish. Swish. I’m a real fish bish. 🐠

2. Brunch It Up

Soon it’s back to the daily grind. Make the most of your final summer sleep-ins with some tasty patio brunch. Call ahead and make sure your pal is welcome, remind her to be on her best behavior (her? a baddie? never), and then sneak her an extra pancake.

3. Learn to Bike With Your Dog

Whether your pooch is a total jock or more of an “energy saving model,” there’s a way to enjoy life on two wheels together. A nice bike ride will help maintain your dog’s beach bod and tucker you both out. Grab your pal, some snacks, and your water bottles (hydration is key!) and hit the trails.

4. Visit a Brewery

There are so many great breweries that are dog friendly for friendly dogs! Soak in those final rays with some craft brews with your best friend. Whether you and your dog play some games or share stories of the great times you shared this season, you’re sure to have a blast (I mean, it’s beer!).

5. Take a Road Trip

Summer may be winding down, but there’s still plenty of exploring to do. Pack up your car and head out on a great adventure together. There are loads of great spots to get away for a day or a few, and nothing compares to spending quality time with your best friend. Just don’t expect her to offer to drive–you know how she is.

6. Go on an Ice Cream Date

Let’s face it–there’s nothing quite as Instagrammable as your dog savoring a delicious soft serve. Wanna make it even more special? Start a Facebook fundraiser for your favorite rescue and tell your followers your dog will get ice cream once you reach your $100 goal. Now if THAT isn’t a good boy who deserves a waffle cone, we don’t know who is. (Mpls/St Paul — check out our local guide to dog-friendly ice cream spots.)

Tell us in the comments: What else is on your end-of-summer bark-et list?

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