6 Items for Chicago’s Bear-y Best Dog Fans to Wear

While the humans debate whether the Bears are good or just lucky this year, these doggos never take a break from repping their favorite team. After all, the pack currently first in the NFC North deserves only the best, right? It’s time to put on the “Super Bowl Shuffle” and take a peek at the bear-y cutest fans on four paws. Plus find some gear for your lil Bear.

1. Doggo Bears jersey that’ll prove she’d eat ketchup on hotdogs before she’d ever cheer for the Packers.

Handsome Golden Retriever wearing a Bears jersey while playing with a football toy.
Excuse me, who are you callin’ a wide retriever in this jersey? | @leothechicagogolden

Get it from Petco for $29.99.

Wake me up for the halftime show, kay? | @minniemouse_thevizsla

2. A onesie so pup can feel extra comfy cozy.


Get it on Amazon for $24.99

Chicago will always be undecided on Jay Cutler, but Lily’s already geared up and ready to be our new quarterback. | @lily_the_lab1

3. Bears coat bc it’s about to get cold as pup.


We can’t have some Cheesehead doggo making fun of him for not handling the cold!

Get it on Amazon for $25.99.

Introducing Mike Dogtka, who’s really giving Iron Mike’s moustache a run for its money. | Rachael Folik

4. Bears leash for doggos who wanna live their best nakey lives.


Some dogs become Monsters of the Midway when you try to put clothes on them, and that’s okay!

Get it from Petco for $18.99.

5. A Bears bandana to catch the game day snacc crumbs.

Bear’s a bit confused—he’s just one Bear! | @livinggoldenwithbear

Get it on Amazon for $11.99.

6. Bears ID tag so his dog bark frens know where he stands and sits and stays.


Your dog keeps telling his friends to call him Walter Payton at the dog park and it’s starting to get awkward. Clear up the confusion with a new pet tag that’ll let him rep the Bears without the identity crisis. 

Get it on Amazon for $17.72.

Please tag #SidewalkDog in pics of your lil Bear-dogs so we can ruv ’em.

Featured photo: @rosiestales

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