Adorable Avalanche Puppy Takes The Web By Storm

huskies playing in the snow

Whistle, Kazoo, Glide, and Pup

A good day can’t end without a cute video of a puppy playing on the snow to the sound of some lay-back-and-put-your-feet-up-in-the-sun quirky music. 

We hear the whistlin’ and kazooin’ as life goes by as easy as a slide on the snow. Not much to worry about, just living in the present and enjoying everything that makes winter fun: Snow, ice, mountains, winter break. 

This feeling is just like the adorable little black Labrador puppy that we see gliding about the slippery snow.

Sliding the Day Away

The video is of adorable and fluffy Hambone (Hammy, for short) the new avalanche puppy introduced to the Silver Mountain Ski Resort, in Idaho.

Idaho is one of the states where people go to glide their troubles away over the heavenly white snow of their mountain slopes. Ski enthusiasts know all about that wondrous feeling of the cold breeze splitting your face as you descend the icy hills, glissading through the astonishing landscape of the beautiful intermountain west.

In this habitat you’ll find The Silver Mountain Ski Resort, the new home of Hammy, the featured puppy of this story. 

He is playful, he’s fluffy, and a delightful black Labrador pup. Everyone in the resort must have fallen in love with him the moment they saw him.

The Fierceness and Beauty of the Mountains

Not everything in a ski resort is worry-free. Much to the contrary, there are many threats on those gorgeous snow-topped mountains. After all, nature is as ruthless as it is stunning.

You can feel this in the moment you sit on a chairlift as it lifts you towards the mountain top. You feel the weight of your skis as your legs sway over 10 to 20 meters high in the air: this is when the adrenaline kicks in.

When Risks Pile Up: Avalanches

Nature will draw you in as much as it will spit you out. Venturing through the snow has many risks, such as avalanches. 

To nature’s credit, it is not its’ fault. When snow piles up, avalanches may occur. Earthquakes, and even smaller vibrations produced by one single nature-loving and thrill-seeking skier can trigger avalanches. 

Dogs to the Rescue!

Avalanches are a real threat to humans on the mountains. They’re one of the most dangerous natural disasters and affect especially ski enthusiasts. Much has advanced in terms of safety, such as sophisticated scientific methods with highly advanced technology created to predict avalanches and hopefully lower their risks.

But, as usual, dogs remain our best allies. Avalanche Dogs are amazing pooches who rescue people lost in avalanches. They are given the impressive task of locating people who are buried under the snow after an avalanche. 

Rescue Dog Play

Perhaps one of the most notable characteristics of rescue dogs is their ability to remain cool during stressful situations where a human’s life is at stake. This is because, in the case of Avalanche Dogs, it’s simply a game of tug-of-war and hide-and-seek. 

Every dog is a dedicated game player. No slouching or second thoughts when it comes to playing a game (well, this is true for most dogs). All that matters is catching that ball! (Go, puppy, go!)

So, when a dog’s trained to look for humans, they do this diligently. Training time is always playtime! This is when they learn to bond with humans, follow their commands, and be guided by their finest inborn technology: their amazing sense of smell.  

Tug-of-War and Hide-and-Seek: Games That Save Lives

Tug-of-war is a doggy favorite that’s taken seriously by furries. Avalanche puppies can’t get enough of tug-of-war! They play tug-of-war with a mission, a life-saving mission. Through this game, they train their enviable hunt drive.

After the dog has identified and tugged at their objective, the trainers begin playing Hide-and-Seek with their fluffy trainees. First, they hide behind trees and bushes, and finally in snow caves. Their fluffies are commanded to find them, receiving well-deserved praise when they do. (Good boys and girls!!)

A Paw at the End of the Tunnel

If you’re stuck in a dark and freezing snow cave, the light shining through the digging paws of a pooch will make you feel born again. This is the level of importance of the remarkable avalanche dogs.

Naturally, the most essential and fundamental parts of life are also the most simple. Like silly little Hammy sledding on their tummy to old-timey tunes of whistling and stringing. We’re certain they’ll bring some essential laughs and smiles throughout the ski resort. 

Just watch how cute and eager Hammy is along with the other dogs, getting so much snow in between their paws. Nothing but good times in Idaho!

Thanks to the adorable and amazing rescue crew, skiers feel safer as they brace the magnitude of nature. Though if you’re thinking of going skiing, make sure you always take your avalanche gear and beacon with you. 

A Timely Rescue

If you’re feeling like your problems have stacked up and you’re buried under an avalanche of concerns, we’re certain this video of hammy will rescue you and melt your worries away.

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