Are Two Dogs Easier than One?

“Are two dogs easier than one?” This question was recently posed in our Minneapolis/St Paul forum for dog lovers, and we couldn’t get enough of the comment section.

First of all, if you’re looking for someone to enable you in your quest to add another dog to your family, you’ve come to the right place — many commenters were ready to go to bat for the multi-dog lifestyle. Case in point: Doris H., who said, “No question two dogs are best! We dealt with separation anxiety when only had one dog; once we added another fur family member, all problems went away. We will always have at least two dogs in our family.”

Others were more cautious, such as Donna-lee, who notes, “It’s twice as much shedding and grooming. It’s twice as much in vet bills, food, and treats, and twice as much poop to clean up. It’s also two dogs wanting attention at the same time all of the time.” (That said, Donna-lee has four dogs. We see you, Donna-lee 😂.)

What say YOU, readers? Join the discussion in our group to give your $.02, or tell us in the comments here.

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