Are Dogs Allowed in Michaels?

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Doggos love it when their hoomans craft—any hobby that keeps you around for hours at a time gets two paws way up! And if you’re gonna crochet a blanket for your bud, pupper should get some say in the yarn colors, right? But are dogs allowed in Michaels with you? We dug up the yard—er, answer.

Michaels Pet Policy

Michaels doesn’t list a pet policy anywhere on their website, so we barked up their national customer service line to sniff out the answer, and this is what they told us.

The pet policy is up to each individual store. While some stores only allow service animals, it’s possible your local store will let you bring in your fave floof. Just make sure to call your store first.

In-Store Etiquette

If your Michaels does allow canine shoppers, make sure pooch knows to be on her best behavior and follow these tips.

1. Control Your Dog

Even the goodest puppos need to follow the rules. To ensure the welfare of other shoppers, keep your dog leashed—or let the smol fry take a ride in the shopping cart. 

Make sure your dog is OK around strangers and crowds before taking him for a spin around the store. While we want our pups to be with us 24/7, we don’t want them to be overwhelmed. If they’re leash reactive or unpredictable around new people, they might need to sit and stay home.

Pssst…our exclusive Patio Leash™ is a little shorter to keep pup by your side, and clips to the table if you’re going for lunch or brewskis after your big shopping trip.

2. Clean Up After Your Dog

When you gotta go, you gotta go! Before you bring your BFF into the store, make sure he’s had ample potty breaks. Even with precautions, accidents happen, so don’t furget to bring your poop bags!

3. Bring Treats

All good dogs deserve treats—and bribes. And your shopping buddy is gonna deserve a reward for putting up with you and your indecision over which types of flowers to buy. Treatos will keep woofer distracted while you work your way through the store.

Get Crafty with Pups

Whether you’re looking for a canvas for a paw print project, scoping out frames for photos of your fluffer, or searching for the perfect yarn for a doggy blanket, a trip to Michaels is more fun with your best fren. Just make sure to call your local store first to check that pup’s allowed to go.

Are dogs allowed in Michaels where you live? Woof at us in the comments and let us know. And don’t furget to tag us @SidewalkDog in pics of your cute lil’ helper.

Featured photo: @winstons_doodle_life

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