Are Dogs Allowed in Starbucks?

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Not everybody can wake up with the energy of an Aussie puppy, so we don’t blame you for making a trip to your favorite Starbucks. While you’re raising an independent doggo, is she able to order her favorite pup-kin spice latte herself? Are dogs allowed in Starbucks? Read on, my frens.

Starbucks Pet Policy

According to the official Starbucks pet policy:

Pets are not allowed in the stores and Starbucks may be subject to health code violations if pets are found in the store. Starbucks allows service animals to enter our stores. State/local laws and definitions of service animals may be different. Starbucks is required to comply with the law having the broadest definition of service animal.

So what exactly does that mean? Unless pupper is a registered service animal, Fluffy’s not allowed in the store since it can be considered a health code violation within local laws. While your local Starbucks may be a bit more lax or have made an exception in the past, that doesn’t mean that location is actually dog-friendly! Call ahead to see if your local spot will let her order her own pup cup in stores. If you don’t want to risk it, read on for some alternative ways to get your Starbucks fix.

Dog-Friendly Ways to Get Your Starbucks

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One pup cup please; hold the coffee! | @norpup

Just because you can’t walk into Starbucks doesn’t mean you can’t get your frap-pup-ccino! Starbucks is all about convenience, and there are plenty of ways to get your drink (and don’t forget her pup cup!).


This is probably the easiest method if your dog has a chauffeur (aka you). Many Starbucks locations have convenient drive-throughs to get your latte and pup cup.


Don’t have a car? Your local store may have curbside pickup as an option when ordering through the Starbucks app. Heckin’ convenient, you can just order and pay in advance so you don’t even need to bring your wallet on your pleasant stroll over to the store. 

Note: Pup cups may not be available as a selectable item within the app menu, so you may have to write it in the special requests.

Dog-Friendly Patio

Dogs are allowed on Starbucks patios (unless local laws prohibit it), so bring a friend to watch Fido when you go inside to order. While he’ll miss you greatly, the anticipation of his pup cup will help soften the pain. 


If you’ve got a bad fixin’ for Starbucks, and we mean real bad, delivery is always an option. Starbucks is now on Uber Eats, but secret menu items like pup cups may not be available without making a special request.

P.S. Don’t actually know what a pup cup is? It’s a small cup of whipped cream–the perfect portion for a dog. Sometimes if your bark-ista’s feeling fancy, they’ll even add dog biscuits or cookies as a garnish.

Does doggo love a pup cup, or does he have a different order? Woof at us in the comments and tag #SidewalkDog with pics from pup’s coffee break! 

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