Are Dogs Allowed in Fleet Farm?

Being that Fido is the primary house, lawn, and farm caretaker, it’s no surprise that he wants to accompany you on the next Fleet Farm trip. From the power tools to the lawn garden accessories, your pupper will have no problem helping you fill that shopping cart. So the question is…Are dogs allowed in Fleet Farm?

Fleet Farm’s Pet Policy

Fleet Farm’s pet policy is a bit of a butt-scratcher. Although it’s not openly advertised, well-behaved, leashed pooches may be allowed through Fleet Farm’s doors. While there is no official policy, the corporate office explained that each store, city, and state have their own furry rules. So the next time you go shopping for a new dog bed or training tools, call your local store ahead of time to check if the doggo can assist with picking and choosing purchases so you don’t have to make any returns (we know she has impeccable taste). 

Tips for Furry Friends in Fleet Farm 

Shopping with the pup turns an errand into a fun adventure. With Fleet Farm’s wide aisles and hard-surfaced floors, floofs of all sizes can happily shop right by your side.

Follow these  pointers to keep those tails wagging on your shopping trip.

  • Fetch some patience while the doggo adjusts! Walking through a store is a much different experience for her than a stroll through the neighborhood or a visit to her BFF’s backyard. From the shopping cart noises to the swarms of new people, be aware that the sights, sounds, and smells may be overwhelming. Be accommodating with the pupper, and ease into errands together.
  • Mind your puppin’ manners. Don’t furget to take a bathroom break outside before your pup breaks the bank while shopping. And dog forbid your pup has an accident inside, have the supplies on hand to clean it up.
  • Keep calm and woof on. Help Fido avoid feeling anxious or over-excited by keeping your voice and energy even keeled before and during shopping. Pack training treats to tell her when she’s doing such a good job or redirect her as needed.

Ultimately, your fluffer wants to support you on your retail therapy trip. So the next time a store run is on the calendar, consider bringing your pup along on her new favorite pastime. 

Do you have any tips, tricks, or treats when running errands with your fluffer? Spread the love and share below!

Featured photo: Pixabay

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