Another Minneapolis Brewery Goes Dog-Friendly

The latest brewery to hop on the dog-friendly-inside barkwagon is Insight Brewing in Minneapolis! We can’t wait to sidle up and sip Insight’s Mega Dankbot ulti-mutt IPA or Maze Monster chocolate milk stout with our borkers.

Insight Brewing opened in 2014, before it was legal to bring pooches inside Minneapolis breweries. When Sidewalk Dog helped wag the 2017 variance into law, staffers got excited but still weren’t sure how customers would respond to fur-legged drinking companions. And dogs weren’t sure how good customers would be at petting them.

Now that breweries and dogs go together like peanut butter and KONGs (paw-lease refer to Exhibit A, our Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass), co-owner Eric Schmidt says the decision to go pro-pup was easy. “As other taprooms have opened up and allowed dogs from the start, a really great taproom-dog culture has been established, so we feel like customers are now much more likely to be accustomed to dogs in taprooms than they may have been five years ago when we opened,” he says. OK, if by “accustomed” he means “expects to meet at least 12 cuties or we’re not going,” then yeah…they totally get us.

Wanna party with your pup at Insight? The brewery’ll host its first indoor, dog-centric event–an adoption event, holiday photo booth, and craft sale for Healing Hands Rescue–from 1-4pm on Saturday, December 7. Sniff out the Facebook event for deets.

Even more good news: Insight has already signed up to be a participating brewery on our Summer 2020 Dog-Friendly Brewery Pass! (How are we gonna fit 30+ breweries on the 2020 Pass? Excellent Q. Stay tuned.)

As always, we do our doggone best to keep our dog-friendly directory up to date. Got another brewery (or other pup-loving business) you’d like us to add? Submit it here.

(Photo by Insight Brewing)

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