This Incredible Local Org Placed 22,296 Companion Animals in 2018

We’re beyond paw-roud to offer this article in partnership with Animal Humane Society. Not only does AHS have an outstanding adoption program, but we’ve been blown away as we’ve learned about the loads of additional services they offer in this community.

Did you know that the leading animal welfare organization in the whole Upper Midwest is right in our backyard? With four adoption centers and countless innovative ways to serve this community of animals and the people who love them, Animal Humane Society (AHS) is doing a heckuva job in their mission to create a more humane world.

Case in point: In the fiscal year 2018, nearly 24,000 companion animals came into AHS facilities. A whopping 22,296 of those animals – more than 95 percent – were adopted into homes, reunited with owners, or released to other organizations.

In fact, Animal Humane Society places more animals than any other rescue organization and municipal shelter in the Twin Cities COMBINED. Ho-lee smokes.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the average length of an adult animal’s stay at AHS is just 10 days — kittens and puppies get adopted even sooner. (While we all wish animals never had to spend a night away from home, a 10-day average is superb for a shelter of this type!)

Numbers like that are achieved through collaboration, and AHS is quick to heap praise upon their local rescue partners like Pet Haven and Ruff Start Rescue. AHS leans on its partners when an animal it’s caring for isn’t thriving in the shelter environment and would enjoy medical or behavioral benefits from being cared for in a foster home instead.

Read more about the power of these partnerships and the ways in which rescues are working together to help animals in our community.

Amazingly, at AHS, adoption is just the tip of the iceberg. In 2018, their hard-working team also:

  • Applied its behavior modification and rehabilitation programs to ready 1,100 dogs and cats for adoption.
  • Offered compassionate end-of-life services, including owner-requested euthanasia and a weekly pet loss support group.
  • Dished up a FREE Pet Helpline (952-HELP-PET) that handled
    153,696 incoming calls, providing caring, compassionate advice and resources to help with everything from solving behavior problems to finding pet-friendly housing.
  • Conducted more than 70 family-friendly pet training classes each week, serving 1,400 pets.
  • Provided peace-of-mind pet boarding at Animal House in Golden Valley, which served 3,600 pets.
  • Fostered humane values and compassion for animals via day camps, youth programs, and other activities for kids and families. These educational programs served nearly 10,000 people in 2018.
  • Provided spay/neuter surgeries to nearly 25,000 animals.

Can we get a “pup yeah”?

AHS is also looking forward to opening a new property on University Avenue later this year, with plans to serve even more pet owners seeking veterinary care and help with training and behavior.

Learn more about Animal Humane Society and the countless ways they’re helping animals in the Twin Cities and the people who love them.

This article was brought to you by the dog lovers at Animal Humane Society. Through low-cost spay and neuter services, free wellness exams, training, expert advice, and more, AHS is committed to helping pets and their families thrive together.

(Top photo courtesy of Animal Humane Society)

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