Alltech: The Secret Ingredient to Your Dog’s Best Life

Whether or not you’re on the dog-food hunt, there’s one under-the-radar name you should know about: Alltech. Alltech makes a collection of nutritional minerals and yeasts that are key ingredients in many of the highest-quality dog foods on the market, including NutriSource Pet Foods, a pup-ular choice among our readers. Alltech’s already known far and wide in the equine world fur helping horses stay fabulously healthy. And now, as pet parents are taking a more active role in their pooches’ health, Alltech’s becoming a Great Dane-sized name in the dog community, too.

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So just what the pup do these minerals and yeasts do to help your dog live her best life? Well, just about everything from snoot to poop (fur real). Here’s a more detailed look at how they work to benefit each part of your bestie’s bod.

Gut to butt

A healthy doggo digestive system lets your pupper fully absorb all the nutrients she needs to stay at the top of her game. The prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes in Alltech’s products make that absorption happen by regulating gut microflora, promoting efficient digestive function, and more. An extra gift fur you once the digesting is done: Alltech’s De-Odorase supplement, which by the power of the yucca plant (or just pure magic) reduces the stankiness of your pup’s, er, presents.

Look fur this logo to know if your pooch’s food is fueled by Alltech.

Heckin’ strong defense

The word “Immuno-nutrition” has been getting a lot of buzz lately, and for good reason. It’s the study of how grrreat nutrition can supercharge your immune function to treat or even prevent chronic diseases. In both dogs and humans, most illness-fighting powers hang out in the digestive system, and so it’s important to keep it supremely healthy. Alltech’s pet nutrition formulas include the organic forms of copper, iron, manganese, zinc, cobalt, and selenium, which all support digestive function.

You’re glowing. Did you have work done?

Zinc, copper, iron, and manganese all lead to comfy skin and a shiny coat. And your pup’s body absorbs all of ‘em best in their organic forms, so that’s how Alltech products are delivered.

Zoom on, pupper

Keeping your pooch’s weight down also means keeping her energy levels up. (How else’ll she dominate at tug and do her daily zoomies around the house?) The prebiotic fibers in Alltech’s pet products help regulate energy, and the enzymes break down food completely so your best bud can put all those valuable nutrients to good use.

What’s aging?

No bones about it: Strong bones and healthy joints can make you look and feel years younger, and the same is true for your doggo. It’s important not only to feed the right minerals and nutrients in the right amounts, but also to make ‘em available for the body to absorb at just the right time. This is called bioavailability, and it’s something the Alltech crew has researched like crazy to perfect.

Wanna see how Alltech’s science works on your own pupper? Here’s a coupon for NutriSource or Pure Vita dog food, two of the brands that contain Alltech—it’ll be the best thing you do for Fido today.

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Alltech’s ridiculously pawesome formulas power up some of the highest-quality pet foods on the market. Look for this logo, and ask your independent pet store which foods contain Alltech so you can give your pooch the best life ever.

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